Panda Sanda

Profession: I have 20 years of professional architectural drafting (both 2d & 3d) experience. I have been using a computer since 1988. I am retired.

Teaching Experience: I have been working online at Cambly for just over a year now. I have previously taught AutoCAD (architectural drafting) & I have talked English online for several years with mainly Slavic Language speakers & anyone else who wanted to chat in English.

Interests: I will be taking a brief 3 week break, from September 20 - October 8th or so. I will be back as soon as I recover from my yearly chemotherapy. I will gladly continue talking with You, as soon as possible. // I am currently enrolled in a Masters degree program for Teaching English at Arizona State University (where I got my Russian Language degree, 2013) Life in general, Languages mostly. I enjoy abstract digital painting using Photoshop, mostly.

Education: I recently received a TEFL certificate. I have a Bachelor of Arts, Russian Language from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. 2013. I am currently enrolled in a Masters degree program of Teaching English at ASU. I am also getting a TEFL in the next 4 months or so

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Alice S

Profession: ESL teacher, freelance artist, graphic & interior designer

Teaching Experience: I have over 4 years of experience in ESL teaching. I've worked with both kids and adults - ages 3 to 62. I've taught individual and group classes and worked at an online teaching school for over a year.

Interests: Let's have meaningful conversations! I enjoy sharing opinions and ideas, hearing different perspectives and discussing current events. I love interior and furniture design, architecture, contemporary art, indie music, being around animals and baking. I'm also interested in fashion, marketing and personal improvement.
I was raised bilingual so my childhood was a fun mix of cultures and experiences. I'm currently located in Russia and I often miss my time in the UK and Europe.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in English from SSU, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Language Teaching Methods
Additional training with Hugh Dellar - Teaching Lexically
Currently studying Art & Design

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Native)

Daniel Carter

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have teaching and managerial experience in a variety of educational institutions and multinational companies, embracing many different cultures including Russia, Europe, Brazil, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria.

Interests: Sport, reading and travel.

Education: University of Otago BA Literature


Spoken Languages: English (Native), Portuguese (Conversational), Russian (Conversational)

Frank Y

Profession: Taxi-driver and part-time tutoring

Teaching Experience: Online and in house in Spain with over 2 years in total

Interests: Studying languages, sports, in particular resistance training. I love travelling and have been to more than 40 countries. This, by the way, is a great topic of conversation and adds to course material as students under tuition build their vocabulary. Moreover, I have teaching experience in the Philippines and Cambodia.

Education: a 2:1 in English and Spanish with the Open University and CELTA accredited with International House in Madrid, Spain. Also, an online TEFL course completed in 2019

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), French (Fluent), German (Conversational), Russian (Conversational)

Ash Zee

Profession: Teacher, Editor, Translator and self-employed writer.

Teaching Experience: I have over 12 years teaching experience with adults and children in various settings including businesses, in schools, and online as well as translating and editing.

Interests: I am a Canadian living around the world, interested in current issues and world news, travel and fitness, human rights and learning languages!

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Winnipeg, TEFL/TESOL from EBC Madrid

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Conversational)

Olga Sheik

Profession: Elementary/English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I student taught 4th and 5th grade is Sydney Australia and Boston, Massachusetts. Then, I taught English in South Korea for 3 years. I currently teach English online to kids in China.

Interests: I love to travel! One of my best experiences was living in South Korea for three years. While I was there, I visited many countries in Asia, learned about their cultures, met amazing people, and tried so much delicious food! I can't wait to go on my next adventure!
I also love hiking and biking, as well as listening to music and playing with my cats :)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish from Boston University; Elementary Education (1-6) and ESL Education (PreK-6) license from the state of Massachusetts.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Native), Spanish (Conversational)

Avernell C (Avi)

Profession: Online English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have 3 years of experience teaching English Online to Teenagers and Young Adults. I teach conversational English, Reading Comprehension, Listening Skills , correct Articulation or pronunciation. How may I help you?

Interests: Hello there! Nice to meet you!
I am from the Caribbean and I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things.
My hobbies are Singing,travelling,reading and cooking delicious foods.Although I am from the Caribbean from a tiny island called Grenada, I studied and currently live in Moscow Russia for 5 years. I have traveled to Thailand,Turkey ,Germany, Greece, and lived in the United States (New York) and the United Kingdom (London).

Education: Bachelors Degree in Music and Instrumental Arts from Russia's Academy of Music named Gnessin. I am a qualified Orchestra and Ensemble Artist, Teacher and Creative director

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Alan Sutton

Profession: Finance Director

Teaching Experience: One full academic year and various stand-in periods at International House, Dnipro, Ukraine

Interests: I have lived in Ukraine for over 20 years and have also worked in Hungary, Russia, Colombia and Spain. I had a long career in finance (16 years as CFO) before going into teaching. I am also a church and concert organist giving several concerts a year. Other interests include the piano, any classical music, football (Wrexham AFC), long-distance cycling and the culture and literature of the countries where I have worked.

Education: BA in History from Cambridge University
Chartered Accountant (ACA)
TESOL certificate from International Open Academy

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Fluent), Hungarian (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Ellie K

Profession: English teacher, Musician

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching English for over 10 years and love it!

I'm very familiar with East Asian, Slavic, European and Brazilian CULTURE in general (no, I do not speak these languages).

If you're getting ready for IELTS I'd love to help you out, especially with Speaking (part 2).

~ RESERVATIONS ONLY (NO 60 min, health reasons)~

PS. As these are not my fields of expertise, I DON'T teach students under the age of 18 and students with little to no English skills. Thanks for understanding

Interests: Cultural exchange can be an interesting topic. Also, talking about current events always makes for good practice!

Education: English language and literature /
Professional classical musician

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Joe Daquisto

Profession: I.T. Technician

Teaching Experience: I have taught at the university level. These are the courses I have taught :

• Linguistics 314-Instrumental Phonetics
o Focused on experimental methods and analysis techniques. Topics included source-filter theory; spectral and temporal acoustic analysis, inter-articulator timing and motor coordination.

• Linguistics 101-Languages of the World
o Facilitated tutorial sessions involving Linguistics problem sets, how languages are genetically classified and how different languages evolve.

Interests: Pop-Culture/Film, travel, languages

Education: Master of Arts in Linguistics-University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Russian-University of Arizona

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)