Aaron R K

Profession: Writer, Teacher, Artist

Teaching Experience: I am on Cambly.com to teach spoken English to those who want to improve their skills in speaking English. I am a native speaker, with about ten years of experience teaching English learners from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and ages (from under five years to over sixty-five years of age). Having lived abroad for much of my life, I am highly experienced in matters relating to English as a second language, and to teaching English, both traditionally and online. In addition to my practical experience, I have a master’s degree in English literature. I provide my students with effective help in improving their English skills, teach them in a manner which is easy to understand, and I consider them to be my friends. My teaching style is kind friendly, fun, and knowledgeable.

Interests: Family and friends, travel, art, culture, music, literature, entertainment, movies, theater, history, current events in society and the world. In addition to being a native English speaker, I speak some Spanish, Russian, and Norwegian (I speak Norwegian fluently), and I also understand a lot of Swedish and Danish (which are very similar to Norwegian).

Education: I completed my master's degree in English literature in 2011. As part of this degree I did original research on Shakespeare. I also did other artistic, cultural and literary studies at the University of Oslo, Norway, and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic), Norwegian (Fluent), Russian (Conversational), Swedish (Conversational), Danish (Conversational)

Peter X

Profession: Journalist, ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: Four years ESL experience

Interests: politics, international affairs, business

Education: Georgetown University School of Foreign Service

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Native), Russian (Conversational), German (Basic), French (Basic)

Sonya M

Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: 10 years experience as a classroom English teacher. I have taught test preparation courses for TOEFL, IELTs, and the Cambridge exams. Currently teaching IELTs and Academic English in the UK.

Interests: Rock climbing, cooking, movies about vampires and zombies, games, penguins.

Education: Dalhousie University, The University of Massachusetts, Queen's University Belfast

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Fluent)

Daniel Carter

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have teaching and managerial experience in a variety of educational institutions and multinational companies, embracing many different cultures including Russia, Europe, Brazil, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria.

Interests: Sport, reading and travel.

Education: University of Otago BA Literature


Spoken Languages: English (Native), Portuguese (Fluent), Russian (Conversational)

Hilary FL

Profession: English Educator

Teaching Experience: 2010-2011 English Camp Volunteer- Russia,
2015-2017 English Teacher- China,
2017-Present Virtual English Teacher- VIPKID

Interests: I like running, hiking, scuba diving, and riding my bike. I love to travel and learn new languages. I make art, specifically sculpture. I enjoy reading and am currently reading Neil Degrasse Tyson's book, "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry." I also enjoy watching movies and television.

Education: New College of Florida, International Studies

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Chinese (Conversational)

Evan Tam

Profession: Language Teacher and Life coach

Teaching Experience: Started teaching in Argentina from 2009-2011
Moved to Turkey and continued teaching from 2011 to the present
Started internet teaching from 2016.
Have taught all levels and ages.

Interests: I have traveled all over Europe and South America. I enjoy learning about new culture, languages and the history behind them.

In my free time, I volunteer my time in an international organization. The organisation helps people (1. psychologically - for example overcome depression 2. families and marriages - for example helping families be happy and family communication 3. time management - for example how to set priorities)

What do I enjoy talking about?

1. psychological topics
2. family topics
3. What is happiness?
4. travelling
5. Different cultures & languages
6. good news
7. global events and news
8. History

Please know that I am politically neutral and do not take sides with any politics.

Education: I went to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon USA. I studied languages.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Fluent), French (Conversational), German (Conversational), Turkish (Fluent), Chinese (Basic), Uzbek (Basic), Portuguese (Basic)

Taylor Reynolds

Profession: English Tutor

Teaching Experience: Experience teaching students conversational, basic, and advanced English. Volunteered to teach English abroad for all levels (elementary, conversational). Volunteered to aid college students from China improve conversational English.

Interests: Music, Art, Foreign Language, Cultures, Cooking, Baking, Fashion and Makeup,

Education: The Ohio State University 2011-2017
B.A.- International Relations and Diplomacy
B.A.- Russian Language
M.A Slavic and East European Studies

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Ukrainian (Conversational)

Natalya M

Profession: English teacher and a teacher trainer

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English for about 20 years, and all my students are doing great at it!
I have a daughter and she speaks German, so if you want to practice German-let me know!

Interests: I love traveling, meeting new people, dancing (ballroom and social). I am a part of CS community and it's a lot of fun! I have friends all over the world!
I have a daughter, and she is 12. I love her =) Kids are great!

Education: Pedagogical education+ TESL ( KSU 1993-1998)
Master+( KSU,1999-2002)
Environmental education (Malmo Hogskolan 1998, Fall)
Teacher training (+Cambridge, Oxford workshops 1996-2015 )
TESOL (January 2018)

Spoken Languages: English (Fluent), Russian (Native)

Kay E

Profession: ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have a background in linguistics which allowed me to become an ESL teacher for an online school for Chinese children. I also have experience tutoring people of all ages.

Interests: I like traveling, art and literature, movies, and the outdoors.

Education: I have a Bachelor's degree in Russian as a foreign language and a minor in linguistics from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I also have a Master's degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies (history, politics, international relations) from European University at St. Petersburg (Russia).

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Nik English

Profession: English Language Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught English in Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain and the UK and have over 10 years of experience. I have taught students with all different levels of English and enjoying helping students to achieve their English language goals!

Education: I studied politics and history and the University of East Anglia in the UK. I did my Trinity TESOL Certificate in London.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Spanish (Basic), Kazakh (Basic)