Alice RS

Profession: ESL teacher, freelance artist, graphic & interior designer

Teaching Experience: I have over 4 years of experience in ESL teaching. I've worked with both kids and adults - ages 3 to 62. I've taught individual and group classes and worked at an online teaching school for over a year.

Interests: Let's have meaningful conversations! I enjoy sharing opinions and ideas, hearing different perspectives and discussing current events. I love interior and furniture design, architecture, contemporary art, indie music, being around animals and baking. I'm also interested in fashion, marketing and personal improvement.
I was raised bilingual so my childhood was a fun mix of cultures and experiences. I'm currently located in Russia and I often miss my time in the UK and Europe.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in English from SSU, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Language Teaching Methods
Additional training with Hugh Dellar - Teaching Lexically
Currently studying Art & Design

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Native)

Panda Sanda

Profession: I have 20 years of professional architectural drafting (both 2d & 3d) experience. I have been using a computer since 1988. I am retired.

Teaching Experience: I have taught Autocad (architectural drafting) & I have talked English online for several years with mainly Slavic Language speakers & anyone else who wanted to chat in English.

Interests: I am currently enrolled in a Masters degree program for Teaching English at Arizona State University (where I got my Russian Language degree, 2013) Life in general, Languages mostly. I enjoy abstract digital painting using Photoshop, mostly.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Arts, Russian Language from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. 2013. I am currently enrolled in a Masters degree program of Teaching English at ASU. I am also getting a TEFL in the next 4 months or so

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Avernell C

Profession: Online English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have 3 years of experience teaching English Online to Teenagers and Young Adults. I teach conversational English, Reading Comprehension, Listening Skills , correct Articulation or pronunciation. How may I help you?

Interests: Hello there! Nice to meet you!
I am from the Caribbean and I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things.
My hobbies are Singing,travelling,reading and cooking delicious foods.Although I am from the Caribbean from a tiny island called Grenada, I studied and currently live in Moscow Russia for 5 years. I have traveled to Thailand,Turkey ,Germany, Greece, and lived in the United States (New York) and the United Kingdom (London).

Education: Bachelors Degree in Music and Instrumental Arts from Russia's Academy of Music named Gnessin. I am a qualified Orchestra and Ensemble Artist, Teacher and Creative director

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Kye S

Profession: I am an aspiring historian focusing on Russian and European History.

Teaching Experience: I was a TA for college-level World History classes for three years. This involved teaching how to write analytical essays. I had many EFL/ESL students. I have also tutored many elementary, middle, and high school students. I have taught English online for nearly two years to students from 4 - 72.

Interests: Let's talk! I love food, movies, animals, history, travel, TV, and beautiful places. Basketball is my favorite sport. I have taught students at all levels and enjoy talking about just about anything. I am kind, patient and friendly and would like to help you meet your English goals!

Education: I have MAs in History and Cultural Studies and BAs in Women's Studies, History and Religious Studies, with Minors in English and Russian Studies. I got my TEFL/TESOL certificate last year.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Ellie K

Profession: English teacher, Musician

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching English for over 7 years now and love it!
I'm very familiar with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Brazilian culture in general.
If you're getting ready for IELTS I'd love to help you out! My specialty is the speaking part.


PS. I DON'T teach KIDS (-16) and ENTRY level students. Thanks for understanding.

Interests: Cultural exchange can be a very interesting topic. Also, talking about current events is always fun!

Education: English language and literature /
Professional classical musician

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Italian (Basic), Spanish (Basic)


Profession: Teacher, Editor, Translator and self-employed writer.

Teaching Experience: I have over 12 years teaching experience with adults and children in various settings including businesses, in schools, and online as well as translating and editing.

Interests: I am a Canadian living around the world, interested in current issues and world news, travel and fitness, human rights and learning languages!

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Winnipeg, TEFL/TESOL from EBC Madrid

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Conversational)

Aussie James

Profession: English Teacher and linguist

Teaching Experience: 13 years experience teaching in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Georgia. All ages and levels

Interests: Travel and languages. I have been travelling and teaching all over the world for the last 13 years. I can teach all forms of English from children to adults, exam preparation, Business English or just conversational English.

Education: Master of Applied Linguistics.
Tesol Certificate.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational)

Kristen Ann

Profession: Cardiac Sonographer, English Teacher

Teaching Experience: more than 20 years as a full time volunteer teacher

Interests: World Cultures,

Education: ACC, Austin, Texas. I studied Diagnostic Cardiac Ultrasound and Business Administration.
TESOL certified
I attend weekly classes to improve my public speaking and teaching

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Persian (Basic)

Nikolai Carroll

Profession: Fisheries Observer collecting biological data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Teaching Experience: I am a first generation Russian-American born in Seattle. I grew up correcting my mom's English, so I am very patient and understanding when it comes to my students learning progress.
After graduating university I had several field science jobs collecting data for an environmental consulting firm and then for NOAA. I decided to travel abroad and teach English as a way to expand my horizons beyond the lecture hall, lab and field. I want to learn from people by teaching them.

Interests: I enjoy yoga, gaming, reading historical fiction and sci-fi/fantasy, hiking, nature documentaries, cooking without a recipe, and traveling the world! I am currently in Costa Rica and plan on traveling to Guatemala next month.

Education: Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science - Marine Ecology Focus
from Western Washington University. Minor in Russian language and Eurasian Studies.

TEFL Certificate from the TESOL Costa Rica program.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Anastasia Lom

Profession: Landscaping, Teaching, Volunteer Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have had the pleasure of working with students online and locally teaching reading, writing, English as a second language, Russian as a second language, and even beginners' Italian.

Interests: Reading and Writing (I write novels and poetry for fun)
Learning Languages
Getting lost in new places
Eating ;)

Education: I am TESOL certified through CIE

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Russian (Conversational), Italian (Basic)