Franck L

Profissão: Freelance artist and designer / programmer

Experiência de ensino: Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

Interesses: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

Educação: visual arts
computer programming

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), francês (Nativo), português (Fluente), espanhol (Conversação), italiano (Básico)

Francesca JFR

Profissão: Stay at home mother

Experiência de ensino: I currently homeschool my oldest son for the past two years.
In the past I trained, licensed professionals, how to perform various aesthetic procedures.

Interesses: Currently, I love to repurpose/metamorphosize furniture. There is something about a vintage piece, in need of some TLC, (tender love and care), that evokes a meditative, peaceful and calming disposition. It's a sense of control and self-worth with no judgement or goal beyond the joy of the transformation itself.
I enjoy geography and most aspects of science.
Dancing, reading and watching legal thrillers and good old fashion comedies. I have a unyielding passion for not only satisfies hunger but it's endearing to the soul. Moreover I appreciate philosophical topics and familiarizing myself with other cultures.

Educação: I finished and obtained my medical degree at University of Buenos Aires.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), espanhol (Fluente), português (Conversação)

Antonio M

Profissão: English teacher

Experiência de ensino: I have been teaching for 12 years now and I teach people face to face or online. My goal with each student is to help them achieve their dreams in life. I can help you with job interviews, preparation for proficiency tests such as TOEFL, IELTS and many others. Just make a reservation and let's talk!

Interesses: English, sports (work in progress), reading, writing, missions, adventure, The Holyland Experience and Roller Coasters.

Educação: I have a degree in Data Processing, I am familiar with computer languages but I really love to work with people; I am a certified Personal and Professional Coach

Idiomas falados: inglês (Fluente), português (Fluente), francês (Básico)

Wes M

Profissão: Tourism and Hospitality Manager

Experiência de ensino: I taught English for two years in Madagascar with the Peace Corps (great experience!) and afterwards worked as an independent English instructor, teaching all levels of English (including business English). Prior to teaching English, I worked as a business consultant in the United States, and I leverage this experience when instructing my students in business English. I am currently a tourism manager, and am also interested in working with students working in travel, tourism, and hospitality, or who are interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

Interesses: I like outdoorsy things! Kayaking, running, hiking, camping, even some rock climbing... I like to study languages, and I'm currently working on Portuguese and trying to improve my French (like you, I'm also a student of language!). I read a lot, I like to cook, I love to travel, and, of course, I'm fascinated by language, linguistics, and culture. Finally, I like writing, and would be happy to help you with your writing!

Educação: I studied International Affairs and French Language and Literature at The George Washington University

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), francês (Conversação), português (Básico), mg (Conversação)

Andrew AP

Profissão: Professor

Experiência de ensino: 10 years of teaching English

Interesses: Different cultures and religions, travelling, chess

Educação: I am a certified English teacher. I went to CLI, a college in Michigan, and I received a Bachelor's Degree. That college accepted the transfer of my TEFL teaching certificate.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), português (Fluente), espanhol (Conversação)

Ivan Cie

Profissão: Self employed interpreter(English/ Spanish)

Experiência de ensino: My teaching experience has varied over the years. As an insurance professional in USA, I was asked to take on the challenge of becoming a company wide quality assurance officer. In 2011, I began working as a public speaking instructor. I had 170 students under my care, and, it was my privilege to provide them with group and private instruction on how to better their presentations in front of others. Eventually I decided to pursue my own business as an interpreter and translator.

Interesses: I also work as a photographer. My photography has taken me to such places as Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Africa. What a great way to meet interesting people!

I enjoy helping others as a public speaking coach, preparation for job interviews, IELTS, and, general conversation.

Educação: Bachelor of Education- University of Science, Arts & Technology

Tesol Language Certification(English/ Spanish)

Associate in Insurance Services(IAA)

Associate in Insurance Fraud(IAA)

Associate in Insurance Claims(IAA)

Associate in Business, University of Phoenix

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), espanhol (Nativo), português (Fluente)

Jack Armstrong

Profissão: Travel/Lifestyle Photographer, Filmmaker

Experiência de ensino: I'm experienced with helping intermediate and advanced leveled students improve their English conversation, vocabulary and pronunciation. My lessons are primarily focused on conversation.

Interesses: Watching movies, photography, exploring the outdoors, running and biking, reading about current events.

Educação: Columbia College Hollywood - B.F.A. Film and Television

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), português (Básico)

Jensen Allsop (American)

Profissão: English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I've been teaching English as a second language for over ten years. Most of that time in Brazil, although I have also taught in Mexico. I have taught executives and workers in many large companies such as Petrobras, Santander, Shell etc. but have also taught people just wanting to improve their general English.

Interesses: My interests include business, economics, international politics, science fiction and sports.

Educação: I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. I also have a Masters in International Relations from Alliant International University in Mexico City and Professional Certificate in Theater Arts.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), português (Fluente), espanhol (Conversação)

Farley RecBV

Profissão: Online Tutor of English / Translator PT-BR > EN-US



My name is Farley and I am a Brazilian-American tutor of English and a translator. I was born, raised and educated under the American system. I live permanently in Brazil now, currently in the city of Recife. I have been teaching English for over ten years. I have been involved with two languages and two differents worlds for most of my life.

Please, IF I AM NOT ONLINE, make a reservation 24 hours in advance. I will meet you online here at Cambly at the time(s) you choose from my availability.

Use this link:

Interesses: < > Language, tutoring and translation.
< >
< > Real and eternal values such as:
Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Liberty,
Equality and Justice.
< >
< > Films and books that reflect eternal values.
< >
< > Gnosis.
< >
< > Anarchonism.
“'Anarchy' comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), which combines ἀ (a), "not, without" and ἀρχή (arkhi), "ruler, leader, authority." Thus, the term refers to a person or society "without rulers" or "without leaders".”
No Rulers, no authorities, only self-rule of one's own self. The only law: 'Do no harm', period, full stop. Most use the word 'anarchist'. Anarchism does not mean chaos in its original meaning! Learn the original meanings of words and learn what words currently mean. Most do not even know their first language very well, yet, many want to learn a second language and speak it fluently. Really? Do you know what it means to learn and acquire a language?
< >
< > Natural Law.
< >
< > Non-Theism.
No God[ess] and no gods[esses].
< >
< > Alchemy. ( Transformation of the self. )
< >
< > The rights of all conscious, sentient beings to live free and be free without doing harm to others by following the Golden Rule (Do no harm!).
< >
< > Vegetarianism.
< >
< > Rights for all animals whether domesticated or wild. If domesticated they need to be free from harm, if wild, they need to be free to roam, if not a threat to humans. Human beings, both male & female, are NOT property nor are they slaves whether physically, mentally or emotionally! They need real kindness and love in an ideal world if it is ever to exist.
< >
< > Freedom of thought, speech, expression and opinion. The speaker must be responsible for what his or her words can cause or cause to do.
< >
< > Non-aggression principle in all its forms.
< >
< > Knowledge + Action = Power
Never power over other conscious, sentient beings. It is always power over oneself and being responsible for one’s actions in the moment by moment choices made.
< >
< >"The Truth is always unfolding in our understanding,
Ever unfolding,
Always new!"

Educação: Bachelor of Science, Georgetown University [], Languages & Linguistics, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Translation Certificate, Georgetown University, Portuguese into English, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Translation Certificate, Curso Daniel Brilhante de Brito [], English into Portuguese, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) Certificate, New World Teachers, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Member #18171, BRAZ-TESOL (Brazilian Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Member #7550, ABRATES (Associação Brasileira de Tradutores)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), português (Nativo)

Richard Stephenson

Profissão: Manager

Experiência de ensino: Online English Teacher with English First (English Town). 18 Months

Interesses: Current Affairs, History, Economics, Business, Philosophy

Educação: Diploma in Business Management (Damelin)
Certificate in Project Risk Management (George Washington University)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), africâner (Fluente), português (Básico), espanhol (Básico)