Joseph K

Profession: English Teacher (Formerly manufacturer)

Teaching Experience: I have over twenty years experience teaching children to doctors. Most recently I was the head English instructor for Auto Alliance Thailand.

Interests: I like to travel, watch movies, cook and have fun with my friends

Education: I am a Graduate of the University of Maryland, where I studied Business Administration. I also studied at Seoul National University: Korean language.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Conversational)

Phil SGY

Profession: Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Strategy Manager, Innovation Consultant, Entrepreneur, Technology Consultant & Institutional Stock Broker

Teaching Experience: In a way, I have been teaching English practically all of my life. First I taught my immigrant parents, then my relatives and other immigrants. Later, when I moved to Europe, I taught friends, colleagues, and (of course) my Spanish wife and her family. In addition to the aforementioned experiences, I also have experience teaching class (both physically and online), doing workshops and seminars and mentoring and coaching (in large corporations).

Interests: life-long living | eudaemonia | vegan | transparency | have one life | be free of fear | positive expected value | constant exploration | curiosity rules | solving problems is more fun than being right | lots of lattes | making new connections | intermittent fasting | creative destruction | believing is seeing | behavioral economics | spirituality | imagination | gratitude | asking new questions

Education: B.A. in Philosophy from St. John's Seminary College (Camarillo, California) and B.A. in Religious Studies from Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (Leuven, Belgium).

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Korean (Conversational)

Kara K

Profession: TEFL Teacher to Children, University Students and Adults

Teaching Experience: - 5 years teaching English at a university
- 4 years at language academies
- 2 years teaching online
- many, many hours spent working at part-time TEFL teaching jobs, volunteering, teaching private lessons & classes by phone.

Interests: I keep up on world events and the news. I am very interested in religion and spirituality. I studied yoga and meditation while staying in Bali. I have done a lot of travel. I also really like being in nature and sometimes go visit mountains. I'm very into what's going on around the world. I watch the news daily. Call me if you like to discuss current events, travel, language study, religion or spirituality. Talk to you soon!!

Education: I have a degree in English / Linguistics with a psychology minor from an American university. I earned a TEFL & TESOL certificate (120 hours) I also took college courses in education, special education and TEFL education. I have a Master's in Divinity earned online. I learned a lot while working as a teacher. Experience is a big part of education.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Conversational), French (Basic), Chinese (Basic)

Dianna Jeong

Profession: Private Music Instructor

Teaching Experience: Tutored children for many years in various academic/school subjects. Helped numerous international students acclimate to the environment at a collegiate level program. Currently a private instructor for violin, viola, piano, and music theory.

Interests: I am from Seattle, Washington, USA. I can speak Korean conversationally. This past May (2019), I graduated with my baccalaureate degree in Viola Performance, but am able to play violin and piano as well. I love arts and crafts, especially knitting and crocheting. Can't wait to talk to you all :-)

Education: Bachelor of Music (B.M.) from University of Hartford - Hartt School of Music.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Conversational)

Kristina Cecily

Profession: TESOL certified / editor / HR / former IT & Operations in Finance

Teaching Experience: I enjoy tutoring ESL students and students with learning difficulties. I have directed several seasons of children's theatre classes as well as teaching improv and directing local theatre productions.

Interests: I love talking about current events, and am very interested in history and culture. I like travel, theatre arts (including production), and old fashioned detective novels. I have previously participated in ballet, gymnastics, competitive swimming, and horse riding. I'm a terrible musician. Really very, very bad. I like to sing anyway :)

Education: I graduated from Bellevue University with a B.Sc. in Business Management, Human Resources.

I have also taken courses in American Sign Language, The Arts of China, and psychology, amongst others, for fun.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), English (Fluent), English (Fluent), Korean (Conversational)

Eve m kim

Profession: English Tutor and Counselor

Teaching Experience: As a university student, I tutored English reading and writing to students in primary school and secondary school. This experience lasted 2 years.

In 2018, I tutored this subject to high school students who were preparing for the American college entrance exams (the SAT and ACT).

Last winter (December 2018 - January 2019), I taught English grammar to young students in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Interests: I am Korean, but I was born in San Francisco, California. I love swimming, painting, and reading books.

I lived abroad for 6 months in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in the Social Sciences from Barnard College in New York City.

I also have a certification in Professional Life Coaching. I am a strong listener, and I am patient and kind in conversations.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational), Korean (Conversational)

Benjamin M

Profession: English Tutor, Professional Music Tutor, Professional Musician

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for 9 years in university, schools and online. I speak English and Korean and have taught for The Academy of Contemporary Music (London, UK), Middlesex University (London, UK), Fakanas Art School (Athens, Greece) and have been teaching online for 5 years.

I design personal learning plans and curriculums for my students to develop their English with me.
For 2 years I have specialised in tutoring for the IELTS exam. All of my students have passed IELTS exam in 1 - 2 months

Interests: I have been a teacher and professional musician for 9 years. I speak English and Korean. I design personal learning plans and curriculums for my students to develop their English with me.

Having traveled throughout Europe, I have performed to thousands of people and taught hundreds of students English. In the UK I was a teacher for The Academy of Contemporary Music teaching the Bachleor degree and English classes for international students.

Education: (Bmus) Music Performance Degree, The Academy of Contemporary Music (United Kingdom).

English, Maths, Psychology, Photography, Human Health & Physiology, Music, Korean, French,

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Conversational), Greek (Basic), French (Basic), Chinese (Basic)

George England

Profession: Former Performance Analyst at Blackburn Rovers F.C

Teaching Experience: I have experience teaching English over the past two year, informally via video calls, phone calls and messaging through HelloTalk. The level of abilities I have helped range from basic to very advanced levels of English. I have assisted people to; improve their pronunciation to become more clear and understood, better their understanding of grammar and pronunciation used in speech by native dialects, and also to boost confidence in writing and conversing in the English language.

Interests: I have a varieties of hobbies;

- Cooking
- Exercise
- Sport (Golf, Football, Badminton)
- Travelling

I am currently training to run a marathon next year. But, one of my biggest life experiences is, leaving my job and home to move to South Korea for a year to get more life experience.

Education: Bachelor's Degree of Zoology from Newcastle University

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Conversational)

Linda Liahonaa

Profession: English teacher

Teaching Experience: Ielts * Business * General
Pronunciation Clinic

I enjoy teaching female students.

I've been teaching for a long time and I love it!

I have online experience on a few platforms.

I have taught in a college and language schools, where I taught adults, teenagers and children. I'm also teaching refugees.

I teach General English, Academic English, IELTS, exam prep, finance and Business English.

I've taught English to graphic designers, PR people, programmers, engineers, teachers

Interests: Learning languages. I'm a grammar nerd! I've speaking to people from different countries and learning languages (currently learning Korean). I read a lot, love YouTube and like to crochet I love movies and travelling.
I love The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, sci-fi tv shows, documentaries, watching silly youtube videos. I read a lot - currently 'The Man in the High Tower'.
I'm trying to become vegan ...

I'm quite obsessed with Kpop, and am having a SNSD phase at the moment. I love BTS, BAP, Vixx, Oh My Girl, Twice, Pristin, Big Bang, and all sorts!

Education: IELTS training. CELTA qualified. 190 TEFL hours including Business English, Teaching Online and Teaching Large Groups.

1st degree in German, Spanish and Business (BA Hons).
2nd degree in Modern History (BA Hons).
Learning Korean.
CPD constantly. Currently taking courses on being a student assistant in higher education and also teaching English to students with Dyslexia.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), German (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), French (Conversational), Korean (Conversational)

Jonathan PN

Profession: Teaching English in class and online to young learners, teens and adults

Teaching Experience: Over 6 years of teaching abroad to young learners, teens and adults. I can teach anywhere from beginners level classes, intermediate, advanced to even business english or even test prep. My students range from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Doctors, Chemists, Business Executives, many adults doing trade in a variety of companies (steel, clothing, etc) university students, travelers, and simply those wanting to just speak for fun. So what are you waiting for, let's get started :D

Interests: I love playing guitar/piano/ukulele, learning languages, traveling, hiking/alpine climbing, trying new foods, photography, making short travel films (you can find on youtube) writing songs, playing football/ badminton/ tennis etc. and much much more. Happy to tell you more about my hobbies and interest, just ask :D

Education: Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing from Western Washington University up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA. TEFL 100 hours online, +6 years in class experience, at companies and private. TKT young learners certificates.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Native), Chinese (Conversational), Russian (Conversational), Korean (Conversational), Spanish (Basic), Japanese (Basic), Nepali (Basic)