Thomas Y.

専門分野: IT Consultant and Fully Certified English Teacher for both Adults and Children

教師経験: I have over 8 years of cognate experience working with students of different races, backgrounds, and abilities. I worked as an IT Consultant in a global company which allowed me to travel around the world to experience different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. This has better sharpened me as a teacher helping me to deliver quality classes that have transformed the lives of hundreds of kids around the world.
One of my passions is to teach both adults and children to improve their English.

興味: Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Movies, Traveling, Forex, Investments, Stock Trading, Cryptocurrency, and Business. I also enjoy meeting new people and teaching has become a passionate hobby for me.

学歴: University of Notre Dame
Bachelors Degrees in Business Communication and Information Technology

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (ネイティブ), スペイン語 (初級レベル)

Johnathan Winter

専門分野: Currently: Online English Teacher/Restaurant Manager; Previously: Scuba Diving Instructor

教師経験: 3 years teaching Jr. High school students on the JET Program in Japan.
4 years teaching Elementary School students in a classroom setting in Shiga Prefecture.
15 years teaching scuba diving in both English and Japanese usually one-on-one or in small groups in Phuket, Thailand.

興味: I taught English in Japan. I moved to Thailand and became a diving instructor. Had a great time. Now, I help my girlfriend with our Mexican Restaurant and teach English on Cambly. I'm good at languages, I can help you too, no worries. よろしくお願いします

学歴: Bachelor's Degree at University of Colorado at Boulder. Major: Asian Studies; Minor Degree: Philosophy.
Level 2: Japanese Language Proficiency test. 日本語能力認定書 (2)
15-year Open Water Scuba Instructor in PADI.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (流暢に話せるレベル), タイ語 (会話ができるレベル)

Sekoiya E

専門分野: English teacher and student (Japanese major). 英語教師、大学生(日本語専門)

教師経験: I've taught English to children aged 5 to 17 in Taiwan, to aged 15+ in Sweden, and to adults in Japan.

興味: I like anime, manga, Japan, cooking, gardening, learning languages, Esperanto, and cats!

学歴: 120-hour TEFL certificate, Associates of Arts in Japanese, Associates of Arts in Integrated Studies, Bachelor's Degree in Japanese, One year university research program in Japanese.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), エスペラント語 (流暢に話せるレベル), スウェーデン語 (流暢に話せるレベル), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル)

Vikki Vas

専門分野: English Teacher

教師経験: I worked for three years as a conversational tutor in Vancouver. I mostly taught teenagers and adults. I then went on to spend a year and a half working in a school in Japan, where I taught children aged 2 to 12 in a classroom. I was responsible for providing all of my own materials.

興味: I love writing and coming up with stories. I also like watching movies and playing video games, especially adventure games.

学歴: Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver - Double Major in Japanese Language and Culture and Cultural Anthropology

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), フランス語 (流暢に話せるレベル), 日本語 (流暢に話せるレベル), ギリシャ語 (初級レベル)

Sean Macdonald

専門分野: English Teacher (ESL)

教師経験: 2 years teaching English to children in a private language centre in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Private 1 on 1 conversation classes with univerity students from Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

興味: I love talking about books and music. I really enjoy TV shows, especially sci-fi and fantasy shows. Also if you can, please teach me something interesting about your culture!

学歴: Bachelors of Mechanical Engeering from Coventry University
Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル), ベトナム語 (初級レベル)


専門分野: English Instructor

教師経験: I taught Basic English Grammar, and Conversational English in Japan for over 37 years, to Japanese company employees. I taught at Matsushita National Panasonic, Dai Nihon Ink, Yokogawa, Hitachi and KDDI. For over a decade I taught both aspiring and active Japanese cabin crew Aviation Terminology, and other subjects in Aviation to help in preparation for Interviews during Airline Recruitment, and airline training school. I am used to helping people understand idioms in conversational English.

興味: I am interested in Human Behavior, Psychology, Theology, and Christian Bible Studies. Of course, further study of Aviation Safety and Emergency, Passenger Service and Case studies in Aviation Incidents and Accidents hold a very special place in my hearrt. All of my interests are geared toward helping others.

学歴: I spent my Elementary years studying in Munich and Heidelburg Germany, the United States and finished in Metro Manila Philippines at Assumption Convent Herran . I went to St. Rita, then Olivarez School of Nursing, also located in Metro Manila. I majored In B.S, Nursing.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), タガログ語 (流暢に話せるレベル), 日本語 (流暢に話せるレベル)


専門分野: English tutor

教師経験: I'm experienced in creating interesting lesson plans and fun exercises for ESL or EFL learners during my course in Canada. I have been teaching English and Dutch, online and privately for 4 months and counting.

興味: I'm Belgian with Scottish heritage, so I've been raised bilingual in Engish and Dutch. I am a traveler at heart and have been all over Europe, North America, and Japan. There are so many things I am interested in and I would love to talk with you about anything!

学歴: Certified by the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to teach English as a Foreign Language. Specialized in Business English.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), オランダ語 (ネイティブ), フランス語 (会話ができるレベル), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル), ドイツ語 (初級レベル)

Douglas H

専門分野: English Teacher

教師経験: 24 years teaching English in Japan, 2 years teaching English in Ecuador

興味: Literature, Hiking, Cycling, Jogging, Languages

学歴: B.A. in Business Administration from Gordon College, USA

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (流暢に話せるレベル), スペイン語 (会話ができるレベル), フランス語 (初級レベル)

Jeff Shenker

専門分野: Marketing Manager - Equipment Co., Department Manager - Software Co., Project Manager - Non-Profit, Japanese-to-English Language Translator

教師経験: I taught conversational English to Japanese students for 2 years. I taught business people throughout my corporate career (new product information, competitive advantages, cross-cultural business practices)

興味: I enjoy foreign travel, ethnic foods, good movies, cats and dogs. I have lived in Japan for 7 years and miss being there. My mother was from the Midwest so I have a neutral English accent even though I live in the Southeast now. I like to discuss a wide range of topics with people from other countries and to learn about their cultures. I like politics and enjoy hearing from people with different opinions.

学歴: I have earned a 40-hour TEFL/TESOL certificate from the Bridge Education Group and I am currently enrolled in their 60-hour Educator course. I have a BS in Economics from Covenant College, a small private liberal-arts college. I have an international MBA from the University of South Carolina (Japanese language track).

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル)

Connor Finley

専門分野: I am currently working as on online english tutor on various platforms

教師経験: I have over 4 years experience teaching English to teenagers and adults, with skill levels ranging from complete beginners to advanced. Outside of english teaching, I have also given instrumental tuition to children from ages 8+. I have been studying Japanese for over 5 years and have taught many Japanese students, so if you are from Japan and don't know much English, you can take my lessons without feeling nervous!

興味: I love to travel! I've been to many places within the UK and have visited numerous countries. I also like to cook and try different cuisines from around the world. When I want to relax, I usually play guitar, watch a movie, or go on nature walks.

学歴: A Level 5 TEFL Certificate (168 hours) and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from the University of East London.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブ), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル)