D. Bruce Wilson

Profession: Certified Primary/Junior School Teacher & Certified ESL Teacher / Trainer/ Administrator

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching around the world for nearly 30 years. I have worked in Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Egypt and soon returning to work in an International school in Sanya, China.
I have extensive experience in a wide variety of subject areas and age groups. I have taught Kindergarten to grade 12, university classes to corporate business classes to specialty classes like TOEFL/TOEIC/ IELTS and even travel courses.

Interests: I love travelling and sports. I have been to 64 countries and still counting. I used to play rugby and basket at a fairly high level.
I have a 6 year old daughter who now is my main focus. We do a lot of science experiments and exploring the world online and first hand.
I play the piano and guitar but not well but absolutely love music from all over the world.
I love learning about peoples views and opinions on the world and try to keep myself well read on what is happening around the world.

Education: I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Social Science and then I went on to York University and received my degree in Education. I have also taken numerous courses in ESL/EFL and Special Education as well as Physical Education. I most recently finished my 120 hour TESOL certificate course from National Geographic Learning.
I believe learning is ongoing and that it is important to continually be reading and taking courses. Which I have done over my close to 30 year career.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Basic), Japanese (Conversational)

Colleen L. Ponce-Enrile

Profession: English Instructor

Teaching Experience: I taught Basic English Grammar, and Conversational English in Japan for over 32 years, to Japanese company employees. I taught at Matsushita National Panasonic, Dai Nihon Ink, Yokogawa, Hitachi and KDDI. For over a decade I taught both aspiring and active Japanese cabin crew Aviation Terminology, and other relevant subjects in Aviation to help in their preparation for Interviews during Airline Recruitment Activities. I am very used to helping people understand idioms in conversational English.

Interests: I am interested in Human Behavior, Psychology, Theology, and Christian Bible Studies. Of course, further study of Aviation Safety and Emergency, Passenger Service and Case studies in Aviation Incidents and Accidents hold a very special place in my hearrt. All of my interests are geared toward helping others.

Education: I spent my Elementary years studying in Munich and Heidelburg Germany, the United States and finished in Metro Manila Philippines at Assumption Convent Herran . I went to St. Rita Highschool, then Olivarez School of Nursing, also located in Metro Manila. I majored In B.S, Nursing Class of '81.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Tagalog (Fluent), Japanese (Fluent)

Kyle TH

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught English as a second language in Colombia, Thailand, and Japan. I have also taught Japanese as a second language in Thailand.

Interests: I enjoy cooking food and eating food, fitness and health. I also love watching anime and playing video games. However, most importantly, I am interested in YOU! I teach you and you teach me about you ^o^

Education: I obtained my College Degree focusing on Theater in 2012.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Native), Korean (Basic), Spanish (Basic)

Rissa E

Profession: Graduate student

Teaching Experience: I helped international and Japanese students with conversation practice and homework help while abroad in Japan for 10 months. I also do English tutoring for Japanese elementary students.

Interests: I love movies, tv shows, and music! My favorite tv shows include The Office and Seinfeld. I love to laugh, but also enjoy drama and horror too. I also have a huge soft spot for animals and have two cats.

Education: I have a Bachelor's of Art in Communication Studies from Northern Kentucky University. I'm a professional Communicator!

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational)

John Tanner

Profession: English Language Teacher/ Online English Tutor

Teaching Experience: I taught English in Japan for over 20 years. My youngest student was 1 year six months old (!) and my oldest was a 94 year old retired university professor. I have over 22,000 hours of teaching experience and taught hundreds of students worldwide.
I teach English Conversation, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS (Academic and General). I also teach Business English and Travel/Homestay English. My special skill is Voice Training. My classes are designed to allow students to speak fluently and confidently.

Interests: Reading, swimming, walking on the beach, talking about local food from all around the world.

Education: BA English Literature - University of Salford. Manchester, UK
TESOL - Oxford House College, London, UK

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational)

Douglas H

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: 24 years teaching English in Japan, 2 years teaching English in Ecuador

Interests: Literature, Hiking, Cycling, Jogging, Languages

Education: B.A. in Business Administration from Gordon College, USA

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), Japanese (Fluent)


Profession: Business Owner & International Basketball Player

Teaching Experience: English Tutor in Japan, Basketball English Coaching, General English, Conversational English, POP English, Business English, IT English, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL

Interests: Sports, Music, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, House Music, Travel, Pilot, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vacation, Wine, Friends

Education: National University, TEFL Certified

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational)

Sky Brede

Profession: Online ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: - 8 years of volunteer teaching on history, science, and moral lessons

- 2 years ESL teaching experience

- Currently employed with Whales English, which a very strict and advanced online school in China

- Experienced with children aged 5 to 10

- Have given lessons to Japanese-speaking, Chinese-speaking and Spanish-speaking students

- NOT YET QUALIFIED to teach specific exam prep or advanced business English. I am learning though. If you need a teacher who is experienced in either one of these areas, it is not me.

Interests: - Languages (I am studying Japanese and Spanish, and know some Chinese)

- Japanese culture and anime

- Education

- Psychology and neuroscience

- Physics and astronomy

Education: - Bachelor of Arts in TESOL (from the University of Science, Arts, and Technology - Montserrat )
- Advanced TESOL Certificate (from the Canadian Institute of English and Neuroscience)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational), Spanish (Conversational), Chinese (Basic)

Raven Skye

Profession: English Instructor

Teaching Experience: I have been an English teacher full time in Japan for the past two years. I teach mostly Elementary students, so I am good at communicating in simple English.
In high school and at university I tutored students studying Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Interests: Martial Arts (Karate, BJJ, Judo)

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies with a concentration in foreign language from the Honors College at Western Carolina University.

Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the Honors College at Western Carolina University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), German (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Japanese (Conversational)

Ashley Vox

Profession: EFL Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have nearly seven years of experience as an EFL teacher and have taught in Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea. In Japan, I started off teaching elementary students and then moved to teaching in a technical college. In Vietnam, I taught adults and in South Korea, I taught in a national university.

I prefer to teach adults. If you haven't yet, be sure to switch your child to Cambly Kids!

Interests: I like to travel and get to travel internationally often. I also like to play board games, study languages, read (mostly science fiction books), dance, and watch films.

I really prefer to teach adults.

Education: I got my B.S. from Iowa State University. I also have a CELTA certificate (a certificate for teaching EFL to adults) and am currently working on a M.A. in applied linguistics from University of Birmingham in the UK

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)