Linda Italiano

Professione: Currently: volunteer teacher; English teacher. In the past: shop assistant, secretary, bank teller.

Esperienza di insegnamento: I've been teaching English privately for over 25 years.
I started off helping middle school and high school students with their homework. Then I began offering private English courses to small groups of complete and false beginners.
I helped one Chinese girl achieve an IELTS band 7.
I've also been doing voluntary teaching for 40 years.

Interessi: I love teaching!
I also love melodious, harmonious music and I've studied several instruments.I’ve also played in an orchestra and sung in a Sardinian choir.
The way the human mind works fascinates me and I enjoy psychiatry.
I love animals and nature in general.
I'm very concerned about world conditions and our future.
Voluntary and humanitarian work.

Istruzione: 11 years of primary and secondary schooling in Australia, winning two scholarships.
Various courses of vocational training.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua)

Patricia Santillan

Professione: I previously babysat for my 3 year-old grandson.

Esperienza di insegnamento: I have taught since 1993. I have experience teaching from 0-6 years-old in Montessori settings, then primary, secondary, high school, university and private language academies in Mexico and Guatemala.
I have also worked in the healthcare field for a number of years. I love helping people.

Interessi: I am interested in other cultures, geography and the healthcare field. My hobbies are streaming online for Korean Dramas and Soap Operas from Turkey and cooking, as well.

Istruzione: Certificate in Montessori Paraprofessional, Certificate in Caregiving, Certificate in Nursing Assistant, Certificate in Restorative Nursing Assistant, Certificate in Entry-Level Phlebotomy.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), spagnolo (Madrelingua), italiano (Buono), portoghese (Base), francese (Base)

Brent Barone

Professione: Music Producer and Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: I taught English in a private school in Rome, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. And I teach private lesson in my home to students and business people

Interessi: I have a dog so we spend lots of time outdoors. I travel a lot. I love the cinema and music. I am a big reader. I have read many books. I enjoy meeting new people. and cooking fresh and natural foods.

Istruzione: BA in Theater and a Master's degree in Acting

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Fluente), francese (Buono)

Pietro R.

Professione: Retired (Police Officer from Canada)

Esperienza di insegnamento: 5 Years of teaching in Canada
4 years of teaching English to Mexican students in Cancun.

Interessi: Reading, movies, painting, outdoor leisure activities

Istruzione: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor Of Arts (Major in Communication and a Minor in Political Science

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), francese (Fluente), spagnolo (Fluente), italiano (Fluente)

pam s

Professione: TEFL certified teacher, Rural Economic Development Consultant (retired), Grant writer, Land Use Planner, Community Planner

Esperienza di insegnamento: I have been teaching full time on Cambly since March 2019.

Previously, I was an economic development consultant and taught grant-writing workshops and college classes in rural economic development.

Interessi: Current events, Reading, Writing, Meditation, Yoga, Hiking.

Istruzione: American University in Paris, France 1970-71

Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington 2005-2007

American International School in New Delhi, India 1965-1968

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Buono)

Emely S

Professione: ESL Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: I have had 2 years of teaching experience. I started my career teaching adults and teenagers who wanted to improve their academic, professional, or conversational English. Once I got my teaching certification, I worked for a year as a kindergarten teacher. I also have experience working part-time for an English tutoring company where I used to teach from toddlers to young adults.

Interessi: In my free time, I like to read books, travel, and spend time with my friends and family. I also enjoy traveling because I can see beautiful places, learn about different cultures, and make friends from all over the world.

Istruzione: TESOL - Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), portoghese (Fluente), italiano (Buono), spagnolo (Buono)

Courtney McGuire D

Professione: English tutor.

Esperienza di insegnamento: I have taught private lessons for six years now and have volunteered in local schools and at the library.

Interessi: I love cooking, culture, music and dancing. I am athletic and regularly go to the gym and enjoy going for long walks and bike rides.

Istruzione: I received my B.S. In Sociology from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I also minored in the History of Rock and Roll.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Buono)


Professione: Qualified English Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: - Experience teaching adults in a foreign country

Interessi: I am interested in travel, food, learning Italian, and meeting new people!

Istruzione: Bachelor of LLB Law - First Class. I am also a qualified English teacher currently working at two schools in Rome, Italy. I have obtained a TEFL certificate and training from both school positions.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Buono)

Fully S

Professione: Retired Civil Servant/Political Assistant

Esperienza di insegnamento: Not a certified teacher but with much worldly experience and knowledge!
I worked in government most of my working life...and was also a semi - professional athlete.

Interessi: Music, Sports, Politics, Movies, Computers, Travel, Web Design, Graphic Design, Languages, History, Art, Social Media

Istruzione: York University - Political Science
Seneca College - Travel & Tourism
Xintra College - Web Development, Digital Graphics
Humber College - Broadcasting

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Fluente)

Daria Cathleen

Professione: English language teacher; Italian language teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: Having completed my bachelor's degree in English literature, I began teaching adult Business courses in a private language school in Rome. I have 4 years of professional experience with general, Business and conversation courses. In addition, I worked at a Cambridge exam preparation center and helped students pass high-level exams (CAE, FCE, IELTS). I am also a registered speaking examiner for Cambridge.

Interessi: Cinema, languages and cultures, traveling, watercolour painting.

Istruzione: Bachelors of Arts in English Literature

CELTA teaching certificate

Teaching English Online certificate (FutureLearn)

Teaching Live Online certificate (The Consultants-E)

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua), italiano (Fluente), francese (Base)