Linda Italiano

Profession: Currently: volunteer teacher; English teacher. In the past: shop assistant, secretary, bank teller.

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching English privately for over 25 years.
I started off helping middle school and high school students with their homework. Then I began offering private English courses to small groups of complete and false beginners.
I helped one Chinese girl achieve an IELTS band 7.
I've also been doing voluntary teaching for 40 years.

Interests: I love teaching!
I also love melodious, harmonious music and I've studied several instruments.I’ve also played in an orchestra and sung in a Sardinian choir.
The way the human mind works fascinates me and I enjoy psychiatry.
I love animals and nature in general.
I'm very concerned about world conditions and our future.
Voluntary and humanitarian work.

Education: 11 years of primary and secondary schooling in Australia, winning two scholarships.
Various courses of vocational training.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Patricia SN

Profession: I previously babysat for my 3 year-old grandson.

Teaching Experience: I have taught since 1993. I have experience teaching from 0-6 years-old in Montessori settings, then primary, secondary, high school, university and private language academies in Mexico and Guatemala.
I have also worked in the healthcare field for a number of years. I love helping people.

Interests: I am interested in other cultures, geography and the healthcare field. My hobbies are streaming online for Korean Dramas and Soap Operas from Turkey and cooking, as well.

Education: Certificate in Montessori Paraprofessional, Certificate in Caregiving, Certificate in Nursing Assistant, Certificate in Restorative Nursing Assistant, Certificate in Entry-Level Phlebotomy.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Native), Italian (Conversational), Portuguese (Basic), French (Basic)

Brent BA

Profession: Music Producer and Teacher

Teaching Experience: I taught English in a private school in Rome, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. And I teach private lesson in my home to students and business people

Interests: I have a dog so we spend lots of time outdoors. I travel a lot. I love the cinema and music. I am a big reader. I have read many books. I enjoy meeting new people. and cooking fresh and natural foods.

Education: BA in Theater and a Master's degree in Acting

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Dallas HS

Profession: English Tutor

Teaching Experience: Two years of English lessons to Italian students in Bologna, Italy, both individual and group, with a focus on grammar concepts! I've worked a lot with children, so I'm familiar with working with students that have a very beginner level!

Interests: I'm a musician, currently in the process of recording an album. I love to sing and play the guitar. I enjoy learning languages - I'm currently studying to become a translator. While studying, I give English lessons as a way to help make it through school. I love to talk about things like philosophy, gender & sexuality, and visual arts!

Education: I have a Bachelor's degree with honors in Italian Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I've studied French as well.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Ellie KH

Profession: Qualified English Teacher

Teaching Experience: - Experience teaching adults in a foreign country

Interests: I am interested in travelling, teaching and learning new languages. I have taught many classes, including teaching in a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I now currently reside in Rome where I teach English to all ages.

Education: Bachelor of LLB Law - First Class. I am also a qualified English teacher currently working at two schools in Rome, Italy. I have obtained a TEFL certificate and training from both school positions.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Conversational)

Chris Italy

Profession: Online English Teacher.

Teaching Experience: 15 years teaching, with 2,500 hours teaching online. I can prepare learners for moving to English speaking countries, job interviews, travel, pronunciation and accent naturalisation. I prefer to teach Business English to adults and university students. I have a lot of experience in building confidence in the learner, and helping them to improve their English language fluency quickly. You will have a great experience with me!

Interests: Business, Photography, technology, camping, cycling, swimming, snowboarding, mountain walking, culture and travel, learning languages, cooking, listening to and playing music, the environment, media, fashion, health and diet, food, comedy, films and television, reading books, playing chess, board games, online games.

Education: I studied in England at a public school. I have a certificate in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language).

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Pietro R.

Profession: Retired (Police Officer from Canada)

Teaching Experience: 5 Years of teaching in Canada
3.5 years of teaching English to Mexican students in Cancun.

Interests: Reading, movies, painting, outdoor leisure activities

Education: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor Of Arts (Major in Communication and a Minor in Political Science

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Italian (Fluent)

Fully S

Profession: Retired Civil Servant/Political Assistant

Teaching Experience: Not a certified teacher but with much worldly experience and knowledge!
I worked in government most of my working life...and was also a semi - professional athlete.

Interests: Music, Sports, Politics, Movies, Computers, Travel, Web Design, Graphic Design, Languages, History, Art, Social Media

Education: York University - Political Science
Seneca College - Travel & Tourism
Xintra College - Web Development, Digital Graphics
Humber College - Broadcasting

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Fluent)

George Dev

Profession: ESL Teacher/ IELTS Examiner

Teaching Experience: Online teaching experience, ESL Headteacher in a major ESL school in China and at Universities. IELTS Examiner.

Interests: Mainly travelling between Europe and Asia.

Education: Chartered Accountancy with KPMG, Forensic Auditing at University of South Africa

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Native), Italian (Native), French (Fluent)

Barbara Italiana

Profession: Consultant in Information Technology

Teaching Experience: I have tutored several English learners in conversation and grammar. I have taught Master's level Information Technology courses on topics such as data modeling, database design, and SQL development at a local university. I volunteered as a teaching assistant for the Science of Happiness course (edX) for three years. I also have several years of experience as a founder and director of a local non-profit organization which emphasizes science education.

Interests: I am an independent consultant in Information Technology specializing in Oracle databases. I have extensive experience with data modeling, database design, data migration, data warehousing, and SQL development. I am currently studying data science and machine learning. I enjoy talking about science, technology, ethics, philosophy, books, music, travel, art, languages, and current events.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering; Master's in Business Administration (MBA); TEFL and TESOL certificates.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Conversational)