Ann Ireland

อาชีพ: Environmental scientist, Ecologist, Environmental educator

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: BSc. Environmental Science, MSc. Ecology, TESOL Certified, I have five yrs experience working in the area of environmental education with both children and adults

ความสนใจ: Nature and the Environment, Ethnic food, Yoga, Mindfulness

การศึกษา: BSc. Environmental Science, MSc. Ecology, Certificate in Training Delivery and Evaluation.

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

Simon Ireland

อาชีพ: Herbalist & English teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I have been teaching English online for 1 year.

ความสนใจ: Travelling, hiking, camping, surfing, natural medicine, permaculture, wild food.

การศึกษา: University College Cork - Hons. degree Zoology (BSc)

College of Naturopathic Medicine, Ireland - Dip. Herbal medicine & Dip. Naturopathic Medicine

TEFl (160 hour)

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

robbie broughton

อาชีพ: Student MSc. Education at NUIG

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: TEFL Certified as of 2019, 6 months experience in Brazil teaching groups and 1-1 of all ages, 1 year experience tutoring 1-1 students while living in Belgium, 2 years tutoring Maths 1-1 to Secondary School students in Ireland

ความสนใจ: All things sports + health and fitness + technology + history

การศึกษา: I studied my undergraduate in Mathematical Science at NUI Galway, Ireland and graduated in 2016. I'm currently doing a Masters in Education at the same university.

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

Ms Nicola (Ireland)

อาชีพ: Teaching English, Psychology, Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I have been teaching English to adults and children for over 5 years. Prior to this I was an Virtual Teacher/Trainer for one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

ความสนใจ: Yoga, Running, Photography, Teaching English, Alternative Therapies

การศึกษา: Degree in Computing and Business Studies. Diploma in Pyschology, Coaching & NLP.

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

John CIR

อาชีพ: English Language Instructor

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I have been a English Teacher for 7 years. I have worked in South Korea for 3 years, 1 year in Turkey, 1 year in Taiwan and 2 years in Spain.

ความสนใจ: Watching sports, reading, cycling, playing tennis and meeting my friends.

การศึกษา: Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland.
Bachelor of Business Studies with Accounting

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

David IE

อาชีพ: Athlete, Teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I have taught English to foreign students for 4 years

ความสนใจ: I am an athlete living my dream in Thailand. I love to read books and am using the next few months to rest from sports and travel around Thailand. I want to meet people, see the sights and relax.

การศึกษา: TEFL

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา), ฝรั่งเศส (พื้นฐาน)

Stephen Lenane

อาชีพ: English teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I am a CELTA qualified English teacher currently working and living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Most of my teaching experience has been one-to-one with adults hoping to improve their conversation skills for general and business English.
I am a friendly and adaptable teacher who can deliver grammar/pronunciation lessons in addition to conversation practice.
Through regular conversation lessons you will learn to think in English and speak like a native.
I look forward to meeting you!

ความสนใจ: I love to travel, meet new people and find out about other cultures. I am currently living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina so that I can improve my Spanish for my future travels. I look forward to finding out about your country and culture!

การศึกษา: CELTA - International House, Buenos Aires.
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry (BSc.) - National University of Ireland, Galway

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา), สเปน (สนทนาแบบธรรมดาได้)

Enna Moore

อาชีพ: Teaching English as a Foreign Language


ความสนใจ: I enjoy - Travel, Hiking,Toastmasters, Reading, having fun.

การศึกษา: Per Resume

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา), อังกฤษ (พูดได้คล่อง)

Pa Fin

อาชีพ: Accountant and Teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: As a Partner in a large Accountancy firm for over 30 years I found myself teaching accounting and business systems for many years. Later I was teaching as a life coach. When I came to Thailand I automatically fell into teaching English to my friends and others and I decided to quality with Tefl as a teacher of English and recently taught English in a Government School in Phang Nga.

ความสนใจ: My hobbies and interests are Philosophy, Psychology, Meditation, Nutrition, Ecology, and Business/Cultural Systems

การศึกษา: Bachelor Degree from University College Dublin, Telf Certificate, Diploma in Psychology, and Diploma in Nutrition

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา)

Alan Grimes

อาชีพ: English Teacher

ประสบการณ์ด้านการสอน: I am an experienced and qualified English teacher, with experience teaching different age groups and skill levels, and with a strong emphasis on speaking skills. Teaching in Asia, I learned valuable skills such as classroom management, teaching with limited resources, cultural sensitivity and a creative approach to teaching. More recently in Europe, I have been focussing mostly on conversation classes and exam preparation
(Cambridge FCE), building on my existing knowledge and developing.

ความสนใจ: I have a variety of interests, ranging from travel to literature, world culture to movies, and I like to learn about the interests of my students so that I can include it in the lessons and make it more interesting for them.

การศึกษา: I was passionate about English in high school, everything from the history and linguistics of the language to it's rich literature and world culture, so I continued this interest later on by taking courses in English Studies and Creative Writing.

ภาษาที่พูดได้: อังกฤษ (เจ้าของภาษา), สเปน (พูดได้คล่อง), โปรตุเกส (สนทนาแบบธรรมดาได้), เยอรมัน (สนทนาแบบธรรมดาได้)