المهنة: Work full time on Cambly!

الخبرة التعليمية: ESL teacher (4 years)

الاهتمامات: One of my greatest interests is meeting my students on Cambly, I just come across so many interesting people by teaching!
When I'm not teaching I am interested in walking, keeping fit, reading, travelling (I've been all over the world) and lots, lots more.

التعليم: My background is in Earth science and I hold a BSc and MSc, both degrees were awarded by Universities of London.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)


المهنة: Current: Certified ESL English Teacher + Previous: Company Vice President

الخبرة التعليمية: I’ve been teaching English in different countries and specialise in Business English, IELTS and conversational English for both adult & teenage students.

+ Hanoi University - IELTS & Business English, 2019
+ GLN Vietnam - IELTS Cambridge English, 2019
+ PVN Oil & Gas - CEO Executive English, 2019
+ VEC, Hanoi - Professional English, 2018
+ CTX, Thailand - IELTS & Business English, 2016
+ NGO, Cambodia, 2015

الاهتمامات: One of my passions is travel and I've been fortunate to visit over 90 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. Meeting people from different places around the world and getting to know their local culture is a fantastic experience!

I'm also interested in a variety of topics including Sports, Business, Politics, Global Affairs, Tourism, Science, Computing and Technology... and many other things!

التعليم: + University of Sussex, UK - B.Sc. Chemical Physics
+ Premier TESOL Teaching Certificate, TEFL Org UK

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الفرنسية (أساسي), الكرواتية (أساسي)


المهنة: IELTS Speaking tutor

الخبرة التعليمية: IELTS tutor - World Link 2015-PRESENT
IELTS tutor - National Economics University Hanoi Vietnam 2015-PRESENT
Secondary school teacher - 2015-2016

الاهتمامات: TV / Movies / Comics / Manga / Sports / Football / Culture / Travel / Industry / Exams / IELTS / Strategies / Business / FOREX / Cryptocurrency

التعليم: Marple College - England - Media studies & Politics +
London School of International Business - Business Management BA(hons)

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Ielts & Toeic Steve

المهنة: Currently teaching IELTS at a language center here in Vietnam. I have private students that I work with in my home.

الخبرة التعليمية: I have over ten years experience, this has consisted of many age groups and levels over the years. I have concentrated a lot on IELTS over the last six years due to the demand from students. Since focusing on IELTS I have helped 100s of students pass their tests. I also work on general English and communication. Whether you want help with extending your answers, vocabulary, grammar or just to try to become a more confident speaker, I'm sure I can help you.I look forward to hearing from you.

الاهتمامات: I am an Australian man living in Vietnam. I am a native speaker and currently teach IELTS and Toeic, general English, and conversation. I look forward to chatting with students here on Cambly. I can help you with your speaking, listening, and reading, but not with the writing section.

التعليم: Maitland Marist Brothers school diploma'
TEFL and TESOL classroom based certificate.
Global Language Business online certificate.
Global Language Grammar online course.
Global Language IELTS Specialist online course.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

IELTS Claire

المهنة: IELTS Teacher in Hanoi

الخبرة التعليمية: I have taught English for almost four years. I teach a range of age groups from 4 years old to adults. Most of my teaching currently comprises of teaching IELTS and Business English.

الاهتمامات: Hi! My name is Claire, and I have lived in Hanoi for three years now teaching English as a Foreign Language. In my spare time I enjoy reading, riding my motorbike, and listening to Podcasts.

التعليم: Business and Finance Diploma, 120 hour TEFL certificate, Financial Software Implementation Consultant.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الفيتنامية (أساسي), الفرنسية (أساسي)


المهنة: ESL teacher and IELTS examiner and trainer.

الخبرة التعليمية: I have taught, primary school, high school and university level students. I have university degree in Tourism, a MBA in International Business Management and I have completed 7 years of my Ph.D. I have taught IELTS reading, writing, listening and speaking.
I have approximately 900 hours teaching online English. I DO correct students mistakes, and I DO correct pronunciation problems.
I have a CELTA certificate, IELTS examiner certificate and I am fluent in Chine

الاهتمامات: Traveling, Cooking, Teaching IELTS and adult spoken English, Exercising and Eating good food.

التعليم: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration-Tourism
MBA-International Business Management.
7th year PhD International Tourism Management.
CELTA Certificate
IELTS examiner
IELTS examiner certificate
Advanced Chinese Proficiency Exam

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الصينية (تحدُّث بطلاقة)

IELTS Speaking

المهنة: English teacher / piano player/teacher

الخبرة التعليمية: -Gaba conversation school in Ebisu Japan
-Berlitz Ikebukuro

الاهتمامات: piano, jazz, music,

التعليم: BA Music / TEFL-TKT

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)


المهنة: University & College Lecturer - Director Education Services

الخبرة التعليمية: I am experienced teaching in schools, colleges and universities, UK, UAE and Asia. I hold a MSc, PGCE, TESOL, TEFL Dip and special educational quals. Many of my Cambly students gain high IELTS 7+ scores, the best was 8.5. I deliver IELTS current speaking topics and model answers along with Cambly IELTS. I teach to your needs, correct you often and offer sound advice to improve your ability. Reserve at least a 30 mins with me. BOOST your IELTS chances.

الاهتمامات: I have many hobbies, photography, reading and exercise. I enjoy Asian culture and can be often found exploring new places. I like music and singing, I am learning to play the guitar. Oh, and I like teaching very much....

التعليم: Masters - City & Guilds of London - MCGI

I-PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education

Bachelor's - Leeds Metropolitan University - Teacher Training.

PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education.

Diploma -TESOL - Stonebridge College Group.

Certificate TEFL - Stonebridge College Group & TEFL Proffessional Development Institute.

Diploma - Special Education Needs - Stone College's.

BTEC & NCFE Assessor & External Verifier

City & Guilds Assessor & External Verifier

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الألمانية (محادثة)

British IELTS Tutor

المهنة: IELTS and TOEFL tutor & Environmental Journalist.

الخبرة التعليمية: I work as an IELTS and TOEFL preparation specialist, I can give accurate scores and help students improve their speaking practice online for 7 years. If you want a full evaluation, book a 30 minute class, as its IELTS preparation I teach, it requires you to learn as well as my evaluation, I teach you how to answer part 2 using appropriate grammar, do not expect an evaluation in 15 minutes. I point out your strengths and weaknesses and provide tips and advice.

الاهتمامات: I've lived in central and South America for 15 years, although I am from the UK. I speak Spanish and English. I am also a published environmental writer, author and wildlife biologist, I write about environmental topics and solutions, deep ecology, consciousness, sustainability, science and technology. I also paint, enjoy travelling, politics, culture, ancient history, project development and research.

التعليم: 1998/2000 Birbeck College, Global Issues and Ecology
2000/2003 BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation, UEL, London, UK
2013 TEFL English Teaching, Bridge Lingua

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Benjamin IELTS

المهنة: English Teacher & Marketing Consultant

الخبرة التعليمية: Before COVID-19 I was teaching English in Vietnam for over 5 years teaching a whole range of different students and class sizes, from 5 year olds to 60 year olds, one on one to high school classes of 50.

I absolutely love teaching and helping people to improve their English. I have over 5 years experience teaching IELTS and have attended many British Council training days and seminars over the years so call me if you're looking to improve your IELTS speaking score!

الاهتمامات: I lead quite an active lifestyle and enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking and playing computer games! I also love watching cartoons, I know, I'm 35 but who can say no to an episode of Adventure Time!?

I play and watch football, my favourite team is Tottenham Hotspur. I also love watching boxing, especially heavyweight fights - Tyson Fury is a beast!

التعليم: I've got Master TEFL qualification and A-Levels in English Language and English Literature from Long Road college in Cambridge.

I have also achieved additional qualifications for teaching IELTS and pronunciation from the London Teacher Training College.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الفيتنامية (محادثة)