Profession: Author of "The Art of Napping: The Sleep Samurai and The Dormant Dragon" by New Degree Press (Exp. Pub. Oct 2017)

Teaching Experience: *Citizenship Tutoring for mainly Hispanic and Chinese communities (4 years); taught adults from Chinatown in the Boston-area and Harvard employees to help pass the citizenship exam.
*WingSharers Leadership Conference (Gapyeong, South Korea); mentored high school students in South Korea for 3-4 days--helped practice their English by discussing themes related to leadership.

Interests: My passion is in learning languages. I have native fluency in Korean. I have taken Spanish since middle school and I have also taken Chinese for two years during college. I also took Japanese for two years in grad school.

Education: Harvard University (B.A. in East Asian Studies and Anthropology)
Georgetown University (M.A. in Asian Studies)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Korean (Native), Spanish (Conversational), Chinese (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

Esther Ng

Profession: Tutor, Software Engineer in Test

Teaching Experience: * Computer tutor [November 2015 – March 2016] Caledonian, Orange County

* Computer Science Private tutor [2005, October 2014 – March 2015]

* ESL Tutor [2003-2004] Harvard Tutoring Center

Interests: Education, Programming, Christianity, Family, Korean drama

Education: University of California, Irvine, September 2004 – June 2007
Bachelor of Science Information and Computer Science
CGPA: 3.7 out of 4.0

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Arthur J

Teaching Experience: Hello,

I have just completed teaching English full time in Beijing, China (12 January 2017). I worked 6 months at Wall Street English and received The Shining Star award during my last my there. After leaving Wall Street English, I taught in the primary school for 1 year. This has added a lot of hands on experience in working with both adults and children.
I have also taught English in the countries of Georgia, India and Nepal as well as online to students from around the world. I am a NLP trainer and have worked in the education and training fields since the 1989.
I have traveled a lot and have lots of experience in many areas of life which can help in the English practice.
I have found many people learning English as a second language simply need more practice. They can read and write and have a more than ample vocabulary, but still have difficulties in meetings or while listening to a lecturer. The ability to process language at a faster and more fluid rate simply takes practice. Being able to communicate smoothly is the goal of most my students. I greatly enjoy this as it allows great freedom in what we speak about. And it also tends to help the student to progress quickly and steadily.

Interests: I greatly enjoy exploring life. I play chess (B level) and I am slowly improving. I enjoy traveling and have been to India, China, Nepal, Bosnia and Georgia as well as several of the states in America. I like learning about other cultures and their foods and unique qualities. I also like to travel to events which help promote intercultural relationships.My photo was taken in Lucknow, India where I gave a presentation at and International Interfaith Dialog for World Peace Conference,

Education: I was born in Boston USA and lived in the area most of my life. I received my M.Ed. next door in Cambridge MA home of MIT and Harvard University. I received my TESOL certificate at a live training in Calcutta India and also received an NLP Trainers Certificate.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Belle L

Profession: Entrepreneur

Teaching Experience: 안녕하세요 Cambly의 이희승입니다. 네이버카페에 가입하시면 (검색: 캠블리카페) 학생들이 남겨둔 후기에서 튜터나 수업 방식 등을 참고하실 수 있어요! I'm one of the Cambly team! I've taught SAT, IB, AP subjects since high-school.

Interests: I'm more than happy to talk about how to improve Cambly! I have passion for entrepreneurship, design, and behavioral psychology but enjoy learning new things. I'm closely following current issues across various fields, so happy to chat about basically anything.

Education: I studied architecture at UC Berkeley for undergrad, and went to Harvard for graduate school. I was the rebellious student at GSD, taking finance classes, working for real estate PE and consulting firms. I've lived in Korea, Canada, Peru, Indonesia, and various cities in the US.

Spoken Languages: English (Fluent), Korean (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), Italian (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

Melinda T

Profession: Nanny

Teaching Experience: I do not have any direct teaching experience however I feel that my intelligence, work and life experiences, compassion, empathy, kindness, friendliness, and honesty allow me to have teaching skills. I have worked with children helping to teach them but not with adults.

Interests: I love to eat, read, write poetry, sing karaoke, dance, watch movies, kids, museums, concerts, and walks.

Education: I went to Tufts and Harvard Extension and currently attend University of Massachusetts Boston for psychology and I want to become a counselor or therapist.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Claudia D

Profession: Architect

Teaching Experience: I have been a part time English Teacher for almost 30 years. I have taught all levels and ages but my main focus has been teaching conversation to Professional Adults. I am originally from Brazil so I also speak Portuguese.

Interests: I love travelling and meeting new people and new cultures! I love cooking (and eating!) and I am an amateur oenologist (aka LOVE wine).

Education: I have an incomplete Masters in Management from Harvard Extension School. I went to Junior High School and High School in Massapequa, Long Island (NY). I have a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and a Business Certificate, both from UFBA, Federal University of Bahia/BRAZIL).

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Cole Whetstone

Profession: Student

Teaching Experience: 1 year experience as Director of Student Development of Mission Hill After School Program (MHASP)
2 years experience as Classroom Coordinator in MHASP
3 years experience as 1-on-1 Student Tutor in MHASP
1 year as Founder and Head of Learning Latin through Harry Potter and Percy Jackson After School Program

Interests: Music, Basketball, Politics, Languages, Philosophy, History, Computer Science

Education: BA in Classics and Philosophy |
Harvard University |
Class of 2018

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Dutch (Basic), Spanish (Basic)

Ryan Di

Profession: Private Tutor in the US

Teaching Experience: I am currently a private tutor in the US specializing in English from the elementary through university levels. I also instruct math through the calculus level as well as history, economics, literature, and other subjects. I've worked with students in many settings including elementary and middle school programs, and in-home one-on-one tutoring with children and college students (including foreign students studying for English competency exams).

Interests: I like behavioral economics and psychology; keeping up with current events including U.S. politics; history of all kinds; Manchester United (soccer/football team); and popular shows on Netflix.

Education: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics and Medieval Studies from Brown University. I have also studied mathematics through multivariable calculus and statistics; and economics at the following schools: Harvard University Extension School, University of Rhode Island, and the University of Massachussetts, Amherst.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Hilary Miller

Profession: ESL Teacher and TOEFL Speaking rater

Teaching Experience: I have taught for four years with the Center for ESL at the University of Kentucky. I have taught classes in all skills areas and to all levels of fluency. I also rate TOEFL Speaking and work with private students as a tutor.

Interests: Exercise (lifting weights, running, aerobics); reading; art; travel; keeping up with current events

Education: Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Murray State University
Master of City and Regional Planning, Harvard University
BA in English and American Literature; Psychology; Brown University

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational)

Karim H

Teaching Experience: I have taught students of all ages from children to adults and business professionals. I am also currently a teacher at an online university. I enjoy teaching people of all levels with an emphasis in conversational language. I have experience teaching both online and in-person.

Interests: I truly enjoy meeting people from all different countries and backgrounds. I am interested traveling and enjoy sharing my life experiences with others as well as learning about them.

Education: I am an alumni of USC (University of Southern California), University of California, Riverside and UMUC in Maryland. I am also a certified TESOL/TESL/TEFL teacher. I have received speech training from Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic), Arabic (Basic)