Franck L

Profession: Freelance artist / programmer - Languages: English, Português, Français, Español, Italiano - Interview Preparation

Teaching Experience: Over 3 years of online language tutoring
Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

Interests: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

Education: visual arts
computer programming

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Native), Portuguese (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), Italian (Basic)

Brent Barone

Profession: Music Producer and Teacher

Teaching Experience: I taught English in a private school in Rome, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey. And I teach private lesson in my home to students and business people

Interests: I have a dog so we spend lots of time outdoors. I travel a lot. I love the cinema and music. I am a big reader. I have read many books. I enjoy meeting new people. and cooking fresh and natural foods.

Education: BA in Theater and a Master's degree in Acting

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Italian (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Kevin Dillon

Profession: I make medieval illuminated manuscripts on calfskin vellum, using 24k goldleaf and powdered semi=precious for the colours.

Teaching Experience: ESL teaching over a three year period in Cebu, Philippines to Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian students. Sport and Play Counselor/Supervisor for the City of Orillia- my hometown. Coached and referred hockey to kids for 5 years and soccer for 7 years. I have travelled extensively throughout the US and Canada for 20 plus years.

Interests: I love singing- it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate. I love the beach. I'm very spiritual. My hobby is alternative health. I have travelled to Europe and the UK mostly to visit relatives. My father was Irish and my mother German. My father had his own driving school and my grandfather was a professor at a University in Germany. I'm intellectual, but practical.

Education: Undergrad studies at University of Waterloo majoring in French. I won the first year Spanish award. I am fluent in German and French.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational), German (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Mike P M

Profession: Fun Language Business Owner

Teaching Experience: I have almost twenty years experience running my own language business and teaching a wide range of students from Pre School Nursery children to adults

Interests: I have been running a Fun Language Club business for nearly 20 years which goes hand in hand with my love of travel and learning languages!

In addition, I love Football, Tennis and Golf as well as many genres of music. I am married with two children and together as a family we have travelled the world exploring many new cultures and attending some amazing sporting events such as the World Cup.

Education: I am educated to A Level standard and as well as gaining a number of teaching awards in relation to my language business

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational), Spanish (Conversational), German (Conversational)

Christina Cour

Profession: English Teacher, English Writer

Teaching Experience: Four years teaching English abroad to English as a Second Language students. Tutoring Online and In-Person Experience.

Interests: Traveling, living abroad, international relations

Education: University of California, Berkeley: Bachelors of the Arts
Fudan University, Shanghai: Study Abroad Program for Business, Economics

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational)

Yoni Rubio

Profession: EFL teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been an EFL teacher for 5 years at the university level.

Here in Cambly I help my students with:
-Idea structuring.
-Interview preparation.
-Professional speaking preparation.
-Academic papers revision e.g. thesis chapters and essays.
-Phonetics and syllabification.
-Natural grammar learning approach.
-Free conversation with attentive feedback.
-Feedback and support with Spanish/French/German.

Interests: I love travelling and meeting new, interesting people. I enjoy talking about a wide variety of topics and love to listen to what you have to share with me. Let us talk about our experiences.

Education: Bachelor's in Language Education and a Master's degree in Modern Languages.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Native), French (Fluent), German (Conversational)

Alexandro S

Profession: Online English tutor at AcadSoc. Kickboxing coach at Honduran Olympic committee

Teaching Experience: Classroom English teacher - 5+ years
Kempo Karate and Kickboxing coach- 10+ Years
Online English Tutor 51Talk- 2 Years

Interests: I´m interested in learning new languages and cultures. My hobbies include, sports such as football, basketball, mixed martial arts, exercise, tattoos and traveling. Memorable life experiences include growing up in New York City and Miami.

Education: Bachelor´s Degree in Hotel Management and Tourism, Universidad Tecnologica de Honduras

Kempo Karate Black Belt and Kickboxing instructor

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), French (Conversational)


Profession: Filmmaker

Teaching Experience: As the Outreach Coordinator for the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment, I taught workshops and trainings that guide applicants and volunteers through the US citizenship process for one year. I've also informally taught English through the iTalki language learning website.

Interests: I love watching and making movies, playing with my family's cat and trying new foods, especially spicy ones. I also enjoy discussing current events, art, music, film and happenings around the world, especially with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I'm excited to meet you !

**If there is a time that is not available on my schedule, feel free to message me and we can try to work out another time that works for you :)

Education: Master of Arts in Filmmaking from the London Film School; Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of Pittsburgh; Completed 160 hours teaching course and received an Advanced Certificate for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from TEFL Fullcircle accredited by Accreditat.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational), Chinese (Conversational), Tagalog (Fluent)


Profession: Entertainments Team Manager at a Hotel Resort.

Teaching Experience: I have 3 children, who are half Greek, half English. I only spoke English at home to them when they were growing up. I gave them Grammar lessons too (reading and writing), so they learnt excellent English and with perfect English accents!.
I also taught English to a 6yr old Greek boy at his home. I played games with him and I chatted to him about numbers, colours, names of things (nouns), and even though he didn't know any English, every week he got better and better!

Interests: First of all I'm fun & have a great sense of humour! I listen to music of all kinds & I used to be a dancer & a singer, now I sing in a women's choir! I like keeping fit, especially walking! My parents are English but I am BRITISH! I was born in Tanzania, then raised in the UK & now I live in Greece! I adore cats and have 5 of them! MY SUPERPOWERS: I love helping people, I'm fun,kind & very patient, what's your superpower!?

Education: Certificate of Contemporary Dance Theatre

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Greek (Fluent), French (Conversational), German (Basic)


Profession: English tutor

Teaching Experience: I'm experienced in creating interesting lesson plans and fun exercises for ESL or EFL learners during my course in Canada. I have been teaching English and Dutch, online and privately for 4 months and counting.

Interests: I'm Belgian with Scottish heritage, so I've been raised bilingual in Engish and Dutch. I am a traveler at heart and have been all over Europe, North America, and Japan. There are so many things I am interested in and I would love to talk with you about anything!

Education: Certified by the University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to teach English as a Foreign Language. Specialized in Business English.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Dutch (Native), French (Conversational), Japanese (Conversational), German (Basic)