Kenn Akomea

Profession: Software Developer

Teaching Experience: Speaking and Listening based on the Input Hypothesis

Interests: Programming, Piano, Jazz, Illustration, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Tech, Photography, Music Production

Education: BSc Software Engineering

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Fluent)

Arlene A

Profession: Marketing Manager

Teaching Experience: I'm a UK law degree graduate from Malaysia. I have taught students since the beginning of 2019.

Interests: I LOVE ANIMALS!

Especially cats and dogs. I have 3 cats living with me at home in Kuala Lumpur, and - brace yourselves - 7 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, 2 tortoises and plenty of fish (that I can't even start counting) at my family home in Borneo.

I also absolutely love learning about different cultures, traditions and practices around the world!

Education: Bachelor of Laws

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Fluent), Malay (Conversational)

Joshua C

Profession: I worked in B2B marketing research and publishing in NYC.

Teaching Experience: Writing Tutor, ACT English Test - Baruch College (City University of New York) / Writing & Literature Comprehension Tutor - Hunter College (City University of New York)

Review from a student on

Interests: global affairs/politics, movies, travel, and food

Education: Baruch College (CUNY) - BBA, Marketing Management // Money Magazine #2 public college in the USA 2019

My University is partnered with several prestigious universities abroad, including:

CHINA - Southwest University of Finance and Economics; Peking University HSBC Business School; Renmin University of China; University of Science and Technology Beijing; Shanghai International Studies Unversity; Xi’an Jiaotong University

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)


Profession: University Student

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English at a local Japanese cram school. I also have experience in tutoring English to elementary school students.

Interests: I like to read some books, listen to some music, watch some movies during my free time. I really enjoy watching sports, especially baseball! I play badminton on a weekly basis! I love to drink coffee!!!

Education: Currently a University student studying Business and Management.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Native), Chinese (Fluent)

William Wright

Profession: English Tutor

Teaching Experience: I have a little experience helping Chinese students with their English pronunciation as well as the meanings of words they are learning.

Interests: I enjoy playing online computer games. I love listening to a variety of music from all over the world. I am learning to speak some Chinese, and I love the Chinese culture. I like to go camping sometimes.

Education: I have a TESOL English Teaching certificate from International Open Academy.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)

Niall Richardson

Profession: Senior Manager - F&B Procurement & Strategic Planning

Teaching Experience: As a Hospitality Industry manager for over 25 years, in Asia, I have taught the art of service, cooking, bartending, procurement, and basic to intermediate English conversation to non-English speaking individuals in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China & the Philippines.

This has included how to speak to customers, translating menus into English and Chinese for cooks, how to speak to suppliers, and what idioms should or should not be used in general conversation.

Interests: An avid fan of soccer, NFL, cricket, baseball, rugby. Keen photographer. Love traveling. Food and drinks enthusiast. Love loud rock music, especially from the 70s-90s. Massive Star Wars fan.

Education: College Diploma in English, German, French with Spanish as a minor subject.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational), French (Conversational), German (Conversational), Spanish (Basic), tl (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

Gordon Braun

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have done many years of conversation-based English teaching, as well as the writing and recording of English-teaching material, mostly in the form of articles and dialogues. Most students were adults, and most teaching was primarily done in classroom settings, though I've also done tutoring both in person and online.

Interests: My interests include traveling, listening to music, watching films, attending music-related events, tasting new and unusual cuisine, going on day-hikes, shooting pics

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies, University of Kansas, USA

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Fluent)

Jonathan Kery

Profession: English teacher

Teaching Experience: Lived in China and taught English for around 4 years at a school that some friends and I founded together.
Experience in teaching people from a wide background, both adults and children.

Interests: -Chinese language/History 中文,中国历史
- Brazilian jiujitsu
- Python programming language
- Artificial intelligence AI
- amazon web services (AWS)
- Exercise
- Programming
- Learning mandarin
- Brazilian jiujitsu
Life experience:
- Lived in Qingdao China for 4 years, learnt mandarin

Education: Bachelor of science in Psychology and Neuroscience from the university of Sydney and a
TEFL from Arizona state university.
I learnt mandarin by myself when I was in China through reading and talking with locals.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)

Tom Batchelor

Profession: Hip Hop Artist - Product Designer / CMO

Teaching Experience: I have 9+ years of teaching experience.
I was a musician, rapper, and event manager in China for 7 years.
I was the head teacher of a school in China at the age of 23.
I have taught children from 4 years old, up to adults at the age of 50+.
I have experience teaching guitar and rap.

Interests: I am interested in music, current events, and improving your English!

I love music, meditation, yoga, football, platform games, discussing deep topics, and manifesting positive mindful thoughts and actions.

Education: Self-Taught Music Producer, Hip Hop Artist (Rapper), and Guitarist.
Bachelor of Science - Computer Games Design
TESOL - 120 Hours
Open Water Diving Certificate (Scuba-Diving)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)


Profession: Student

Teaching Experience: I have tutored English for a total of three years on and off online, with my students being from the ages of 3 and up. I also have tutored beginner Chinese for a for a few months.

Interests: I love to sing, write songs and learn languages!

Education: Currently a senior getting a Bachelor of Arts degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Jiangsu Normal University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)