Justin Lee

Profession: Filmmaker

Teaching Experience: I have experience guest lecturing at various film classes taught at UC Berkeley, USC, and UCLA

Interests: Filmmaking, Writing, Traveling, Food, Video Games, Music, Comics, Books, Movies, UFC, MMA, Basketball, Football

Education: BS in Business Administration (UC Berkeley)
MFA in Film and Television Production (USC)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Basic)

Regina Calco

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: -Private English teacher for 2 years in Santiago, Chile
-English teacher at Tronwell institute for one year in Chile.
-ESL teacher assistant at Berkeley City College

Interests: Photography, writing, reading, snowboarding, surfing, art, music, travel, and dance.

Education: -AA English and Literature at Berkeley City College
-TEFL certified

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Handel Forde

Teaching Experience: I've been tutoring here at Cambly for two years and I love it! I worked as a volunteer at a library Computer Lab, in Northern California, where I assisted first-time computer users during instructional lectures as well as on a one-to-one basis. I also helped library patrons who had issues with their Kindle and Nook tablets. Helping beginners is fun and quite an adrenaline rush!

Interests: Romance Languages, Ancient Rome, Computers, Jazz, 80's music, Grunge music, Classic Rock, College Football (American Football), the Bay Area, Public Transit Advocacy, Volunteering.

Education: I have a BA in History and Classical Civilizations from the University of California at Berkeley

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Basic), Spanish (Basic), Swahili (Basic)

Gary LM

Profession: English Teacher / Artist / Poet / Linguist

Teaching Experience: 30 + Years Teaching Experience

2nd Year Tutoring with Cambly - IELTS, TOEFL, TKT Cambridge, Conversation, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Speech, Grammar, Job Interview Preparation, Immigration Interview Preparation, Editing Essays / Term Papers / Legal Documents / Masters Degree Thesis and Teaching Children's Classes. Internet Speed(Download 100/Upload 40)

10 Years- University of Mexico, ESL Teacher

16 Years- Taiwan, K-12 English Teacher

4 Years- Indonesia, Private Language Schools, TESL Teacher

3 Years- Thailand, Private Language Schools, TEFL Teacher

1 Year- Spain, Private Kindergarten, ESL Teacher

Interests: -Exhibiting Art (London, UK)
-Publishing Poetry (World Library & Project Gutenberg)
-Learning Languages (Speak 5, Studied 10)
-Travel (23 States in the USA and 23 Countries)
-Food, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles (Foody)
-Talking about movies (Old and New)
-Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, and Trains
-Reading Books, Magazines, Newspapers (5000 +)

Education: University of New England, NSW, Australia
Currently working towards a Masters in Applied Linguistics, online.

University of Cambridge: ESOL Examinations,
(120 Hour, in class) TKT Certificate, 2013.

University of California, Berkeley: Certificate (Honor Code): The Science of Happiness, Berkeley edX, online, 16CE Credit Hours, May 2016.

American University Alumni, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Level One- Thai Language Course, May 2012.

International TEFL Teacher Training,(120 hour, online course) ITTT-TEFL Certificate, 2007.

Teaching License: Thai Ministry of Education, 2007. Bangkok, Thailand.

University of Mexico: Annual TESOL Conferences from 1990-2000.

Certificate in Classical and Contemporary Javanese Baitk- Brahma Tirta Sari Batik Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1988.

Weimar College, Bachelor of Arts in Religion with a Minor in Fine Art, 1985.

TESL Training: Communicative Approach, one month in class TESL Course, 2 weeks at Amagi Sanso in Japan and 2 weeks in Singapore, 1980.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Indonesian (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Chinese (Basic), Thai (Basic)

Bell L

Profession: Entrepreneur

Teaching Experience: 안녕하세요 Cambly의 이희승입니다. 네이버카페에 가입하시면 (검색: 캠블리카페) 학생들이 남겨둔 후기에서 튜터나 수업 방식 등을 참고하실 수 있어요! I'm one of the Cambly team! I've taught SAT, IB, AP subjects since high-school.

Interests: I'm more than happy to talk about how to improve Cambly! I have passion for entrepreneurship, design, and behavioral psychology but enjoy learning new things. I'm closely following current issues across various fields, so happy to chat about basically anything.

Education: I studied architecture at UC Berkeley for undergrad, and went to Harvard for graduate school. I was the rebellious student at GSD, taking finance classes, working for real estate PE and consulting firms. I've lived in Korea, Canada, Peru, Indonesia, and various cities in the US.

Spoken Languages: English (Fluent), Korean (Fluent), Spanish (Conversational), Italian (Basic), Japanese (Basic)

John Lin

Profession: Venture Capital

Teaching Experience: Part time tutor

Interests: Basketball

Education: UC Berkeley

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Stephanie Kuj

Profession: Business Associate

Interests: snowboarding, cooking, food, music, art, dance

Education: B.S. in Business Administration, UC Berkeley

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), Chinese (Basic)

Dorothy L

Profession: Tutor operations

Teaching Experience: I been tutoring in some capacity for 5+ years, including teaching English conversation for a few months at a community college in Beijing. I also mentored underprivileged youth for 2 years and teaching SAT/ACT for 3 years. I think language education is incredibly powerful in connecting ideas and perspectives from all around the world, so we can create a truly global community.

Interests: I love talking about startups and business concepts. I also enjoy running, yoga, snowboarding (although I'm not that great at any of those!). I enjoy meeting new people and learning about other cultures! This interest led me to have a diverse friend base from many nationalities and led me to live and work abroad in Dubai for 1.5 years. It was an amazing experience - reserve time with me, and I'll tell you all about it!

Education: I have an Economics degree from UC Berkeley. Go bears!

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Chinese (Conversational)

Jomer P

Profession: College professor

Teaching Experience: I have a year of teaching experience in a university setting in Colombia. In addition, I also taught private ESL lessons to kids (5 years old and up) and adults.

Interests: I am passionate about traveling and hope to visit every single country in the world! In addition, I like to swim, go hiking, watch superhero and comedy movies. I also like to read, but I haven't been able to find the next genre of books I'd like to be obsessed about yet (the last genre I was crazy about was Latin American literature). If you're a bookworm, I hope you can give me tips!

Education: I studied Biology at the University of California, Berkeley. I also have a TEFL certificate.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent)


Profession: English tutor

Teaching Experience: I was an English language teacher at a private language school in South Korea. I currently tutor English to Chinese students online.

Interests: My biggest passion is literature. I was an English literature major at UC Berkeley. I like to do some creative writing in my free time. If you would like to discuss books or poetry give me a call! I also like to paint, sing, and watch films. I am a huge fan of Terrence Malick and Wang Kar-wai. I would love to discuss cinema if you are interested.

Education: I have a B. A. in English from UC Berkeley and a 100 hour TEFL certificate.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)