Paul Australia

専門分野: Scientist (Chemistry), English Teacher (TEFL)

教師経験: I have been teaching for 16 years, and I have taught science and chemistry from High School level through to University lectures, as well as teaching English from pre-K (from 3 years old) through to adults 50-60 years old.

興味: My interests include travel, science, electronics repair, fitness and sports. I enjoy going to the movies, visiting different countries (I'm currently travelling in Asia), learning about other cultures, building and landscaping, web development and content creation. I love playing table tennis, pool, basketball or heading to the gym for weight training with friends.

学歴: Bachelor of Applied Science (Honors, Chemistry), Swinburne University, Australia.
TEFL (120 Hours) TEFL Professional Development Institute, England

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Sarah Ford AU

専門分野: Business Owner, Event Manager, Security and Control Room Operator

教師経験: * English teacher with a Cambridge Celta Certificate

* I have taught conversational English at Settlement Services International, helping immigrants to feel more at home in their new country.

* I have taught 10 to 15 y/o Chinese students about Australian Culture and History at Additour.

興味: Travel
*Music (all genres)
*Film and Televison
*The Arts
*Books and reading
*Beach culture
*Australian History

学歴: International House Sydney - Cambridge Celta Certificate
Open Universities Australia - Bachelor of Arts
Green Skills Institute - Tour Guiding Cert IV
Secta Training Academy - Security Operations
New Enterprise Incentive Scheme - Small Business Management

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Chloe Aus

専門分野: Digital Designer, Farmer

教師経験: I worked for 9 years at a university as an IT specialist, and gained a lot of knowledge about teaching during that time. I have guest lectured several times, and help teach children agricultural education at the local show.

興味: animals, design, technology, reading, philosophy, farming, food

学歴: QUT - Bachelor of Industrial Design;
Griffith Uni - Master of Digital Design;
Deakin Uni - Grad Cert in Human Nutrition.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Karla_ T (Australian)

専門分野: Senior Xero Bookkeeper/ Assistant Accountant

教師経験: I have assisted school aged children with their English reading and homework.

興味: Learning languages, keeping fit, cooking, arts and craft, photography

学歴: Accounting graduate from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), スペイン語 (流暢に話せるレベル), ポルトガル語 (会話ができるレベル), インドネシア語 (会話ができるレベル)

Kate T Australia

専門分野: Physiotherapist and English teacher

教師経験: I have taught English for five years: one in Spain and four in my home town of Melbourne, Australia. Before teaching English, I worked as a physiotherapist for seven years.

興味: I love travelling and learning languages. I speak Spanish well and am learning Portuguese. I also love playing sports - tennis, squash, dodgeball, beach volleyball

学歴: Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University
CELTA at RMIT University
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Melbourne

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), スペイン語 (会話ができるレベル), ポルトガル語 (初級レベル)

Sam My

専門分野: English Teacher

教師経験: I have over three years of experience teaching English to both Children and Adults.

- IELTS Speaking Preparation
- Conversational English
- Travel English
- English for Studying Abroad
- Pronunciation and Accent Reduction
- Reading Practice

If you have any questions or need help in a different area, please send me a message.

興味: Travel, Photography, Art, Reading, Politics, Gaming, Anime, Movies and Food

学歴: TEFL Certificate

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), インドネシア語 (流暢に話せるレベル), マレー語 (会話ができるレベル)

Joseph A

専門分野: High school english language teacher from AUSTRALIA

教師経験: I am, currently an English high school teacher.I have had many years of teaching English as a second language, to all ages .I am also, an online English language teacher of all ages.

興味: watching movies, music, videos, travelling, cooking ,camping, out door activities, and fishing.MY passion football, (soccer)

学歴: My education, was entirely in Australia. After finishing high school. I commenced my 4 year course in mechanical engineering. After which, i completed my teaching certificates .

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Jill Fo

専門分野: English teacher

教師経験: I have been an English teacher for 4 years and I have completed my Teflon course.

興味: Animals, Beach, Shopping, Listening to music and exercising.

学歴: Mountain creek primary and high school. I have done my diploma in Management.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Sun I

専門分野: Trainer & Assessor; Professional Actor; Writer; Yoga & Ayurveda Therapist; Trauma Healer; Vegan Menu Consultant

教師経験: I specialize in IELTS preparation, Business English, Grammar, and Pronunciation. As a vocal coach I can help with fluency and articulation.

I am a natural teacher. All my professions have led to training, educating, or teaching the skills I have.

For many years I ran a theater and film production company and school, where students ranged from children to adults. I am qualified in the Fine Arts as a teacher, actor, director, and producer.

My background has ranged from professional actor, DJ, bookkeeper (accounting), to yoga and holistic medicine. In all of these fields I have been a teacher also.

I love teaching online and meeting new people who are from all over the world. My students and I usually engage about many different topics, due to my varied knowledge and training.

I have many resources that I use, as well as planned lessons. Teaching students at any level comes naturally to me, and I love watching the quick progression as they learn more English vocabulary.

A fair amount of my students book me because I am Australian. In our culture we use a lot of English idioms/slang, and phrases, so this can help with students who are in Australia or planning to visit/work there. I find these lessons to be fun for both the student and myself.

I have traveled to many countries as well and this has helped me to understand other cultures and languages.

Come join my class for interesting conversation, knowledge of the English language, or to prepare for exams.

I feel comfortable teaching anyone, anything!

興味: I have been volunteering in India for nearly 5 years working with saving the lives of street animals. I also run a small volunteer organisation that helps tourists adopt street animals to take them to their own countries.

I teach Yoga Anatomy, Ayurveda, and Yoga Therapy at Teacher Training Schools, as well as personal sessions.

As a writer I have been working on various projects, with a few in the process at the moment.

I also teach Plant-Based Cooking classes, and education.

I love sharing knowledge :)

学歴: Advanced Diploma Film, Television & Theater Acting; Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor; Advanced Writing Skills; Yoga Teacher; Ayurveda Consultant; Vegan Cook and Menu Consultant; Energy Healer

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Anna Jonsey

専門分野: ESL Teacher

教師経験: I have taught English as a Second Language all around the world for 15 years (Zimbabwe, Thailand, Nicaragua and Mexico). I have teaching experience with children as young as 4 years old, all the way through to adults.

興味: Travel, Yoga, Exercising at the gym, Swimming, Diving/Snorkelling, Hiking and Cooking

学歴: International Baccalaureate at United World College (Singapore)
Bachelors Degree at University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)
TESOL Certificate at TEFL International (Ban Phe, Thailand)

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)