Ryan Soule

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: TEFL Certificate with observed teaching practice
English Educator at Culturlinga Zamora (Mich, Mexico) - 2016
Cambly Tutor - Since May 2017

Interests: I'm interested in everything, I love history and talking about cultures and how they are different to mine.

I also enjoy discussions about science and psychology, especially what motivates people and their passions!

Education: Partially completed bachelors degree in Applied Science at the Queensland University of Technology. (majoring in Biology and Chemistry)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational)

James AUS

Profession: Primary/Elementary School Teacher & Business English Teacher (adults)

Teaching Experience: Five years teaching English as a Second Language in Australia.
Six months teaching English as a Second Language in China.
Six months teaching Business English in Mexico City.

Interests: Learning Spanish, reading about politics, teaching, playing basketball, travelling and eating food.

Education: • University of South Australia: Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary and Primary) with First Class Honours. Completed 2011.
• Charles Darwin University: Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry). 2016 – completed one year of the three-year degree.
• Honours Thesis (2011): Investigated effective teaching methodologies within Indigenous education in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.
• University exchange, Ryerson University, Toronto (2010).

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational)

Lindsey Scott

Profession: Library Assistant, Customer Service Officer, Freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator, Freelance Visual Arts Teacher and English Tutor

Teaching Experience: 17 years as Freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator and Visual Arts Teacher.
15 Years as a Private English Tutor and
8 years as a Library Assistant,

Interests: Movies and Television. Sports, local and World News. History and the Arts. Cooking and Food. Travelling, Wildlife and Nature Documentaries.
Comic books and Comic book movies and TV,
Animated TV and Movies

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Sharon ES

Profession: Tutoring Conversational English to adults who already know some English

Teaching Experience: Tutoring in conversational English to older Teens and Adults who are not total beginners in English. Pronunciation and general conversational IELTS

Interests: From New Zealand so happy to discuss New Zealand and Australia. Have many students from Sth Koreas, China, Brazil and many Middle East and Nth African countries.
Love meeting new people and helping them with practicing English
Live in Spain with 16 yr old daughter, husband and dog

Education: 120 hr TEFL + IELTS & Business Engish BA (hons) Economics
& History

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Nick Hanlon

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: Prince Royal College-Thailand
Sri Donchai
Lanna Polytechnical College
Chiang Mai Polytechnical College
E-leaning for All-Online
London School of English-Saudi Arabia.

Interests: Music and cycling.Love to read as much as I can as well.I'm also in a band called The Achievers and we might be touring soon! Can't wait!

Education: St. Kevin's College
Swinburne University-B.A. Politics and Public Policy
Text and Talk Academy-TEFL Certificate

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Tim Ford

Profession: Foreign Language Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have roughly 10 years experience teaching ESL, including online classes

Interests: I'm interested in learning foreign languages, sports and travelling.

Education: I have a degree in teaching Mandarin to foreigners

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent), Indonesian (Fluent), Chinese (Fluent)

Debora A

Profession: English as a second language teacher

Teaching Experience: I completed a Celta course in October 2015. I have also done voluntary work for the past 9 years.

Interests: I love to paint and draw. I enjoy cooking and playing sports, my favorite is soccer. I love to travel and meet new people

Education: I went to school in Australia. I have also completed Tafe certificates in Business Administration and in Beauty Services.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Native)

Stephen W

Profession: Online Tutor

Teaching Experience: I've had 7 years as a volunteer educator in New Zealand, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile, and have been a tutor here on Cambly since May of 2014.

Interests: I have a passion for travel and writing! I'm engaged in conversation with people everyday, and I love to learn about and experience new cultures!

Education: I finished school at Waihi College in Waihi, New Zealand, and then went on to graduate from The Australian Writing School. I recently completed the TEFL course in teaching English as a foreign language.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic)

Teresa Lynch

Profession: I am a Registered Nurse of 40+ years working in Gastroenterolgoy. I have been a charge nurse there for 10 years. I have a Masters in Health Science in Endoscopy (second class honors) and published a paper from my dissertation. I also am an Holistic Health practitioner/instructor, Travel writer and photographer.

Teaching Experience: I have had many years teaching experience in various forms. As a Nurse & Charge Nurse - teaching student nurses, new employees and colleagues at my workplace and at local meetings and national conferences delivering presentations (including the use of power point). Once I delivered a presentation at a meeting in Miami USA. I have been an instructor/teacher for holistic Health practice for about 10 years. Initially for a previous health practice but for the last few years for Accunect (based on traditional Chinese medicine) {check out} www.accunect.com & www.inspiredhealingstudio.co.nz. I enjoy this work of teaching very much. Even many many years ago I was a leader for La Leche League and this included teaching and presentations regularly. I have other experience at running groups and using teaching skills at these times. I have a lot of leadership experience other than the above that I will not list here as I feel to describe all of these are unnecessary.

Interests: Along with my husband I love to travel and have visited: India, Nepal, Spain, Germany, UK, Australia, Croatia, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy as well as many parts of New Zealand. I love to write about my travels and have a blog post (although a lot of my writing is not yet on there as this is quite new - check out www.teresaglobaltravels.com and I have one published article so far (recently) on https://travelicious.world/?p=63924 - now called Travelista club. I am hoping to publish MUCH more. We have just come back from Ladakh and other parts of the Himalayas north of Rishikesh in India.
I love to work with people in a variety of ways and my nursing career has fostered this along with my holistic health practice where I have an international business working with helping people heal themselves from all over the world - using skype, or my inperson studio at my home. So am very familiar with online video chat. I also go to a spiritual school in South India as often as I can and this work is based on not only personal practice by to help humanity at these troubled times. I love to meditate and we have lovely groups here in Christchurch. I will NOT discuss this during my tutoring unless specifically asked by a student and any conflict of interest will terminate any discussion. However, consciousness and how the mind works is of great interest to me and so I have listed it here.
I have 4 adult children living around the world and lovely grandchildren. In the past I have been involved in a variety of groups and sporting interests so can discuss a wide variety of subjects. I think that is enough for now :)

Education: I have had all of my basic schooling in the south of the South Island in New Zealand and went to Nursing school in Invercargill (Southland NZ). I did my University Masters degree as an adult (at about age 50 years) via Auckland University of Technology, but I live now in Christchurch, New Zealand. My educational training in Holistic health has all been in New Zealand & online international courses with our various tutors. My travel writing and photography certificate (distinction) was online here in NZ. My La Leche League training was here in NZ and via the USA.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Sara P

Profession: English as a second language teacher

Teaching Experience: Private tutoring for all ages.
Have taught classes of up to 18 students

Interests: I am in Ecuador participating as a volunteer.
I love music and enjoy playing guitar and piano as well as singing.
I like going out with my friends and having fun! We enjoy trying new restaurants, hiking, playing sports or going to the movies.
I also find reading very relaxing.
I speak fluent spanish.

Education: Cambridge CELTA certificate at International House Of Sydney

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Fluent)