Paul Australia

المهنة: Scientist (Chemistry), English Teacher (TEFL)

الخبرة التعليمية: I have been teaching for 16 years, and I have taught science and chemistry from High School level through to University lectures, as well as teaching English from pre-K (from 3 years old) through to adults 50-60 years old.

الاهتمامات: My interests include travel, science, electronics repair, fitness and sports. I enjoy going to the movies, visiting different countries (I'm currently travelling in Asia), learning about other cultures, building and landscaping, web development and content creation. I love playing table tennis, pool, basketball or heading to the gym for weight training with friends.

التعليم: Bachelor of Applied Science (Honors, Chemistry), Swinburne University, Australia.
TEFL (120 Hours) TEFL Professional Development Institute, England

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Veronika Natalie

المهنة: Project Assistant

الخبرة التعليمية: General conversation tutoring explaining English words, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.

الاهتمامات: Pilates
Traveling - I love to visit Ukraine

التعليم: Qualification 5 in TEFL
TEFL Academy, United Kingdom

Cert 4 and Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
Sydney, Australia

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Sarah Ford AU

المهنة: Business Owner, Event Manager, Security and Control Room Operator

الخبرة التعليمية: * English teacher with a Cambridge Celta Certificate

* I have taught conversational English at Settlement Services International, helping immigrants to feel more at home in their new country.

* I have taught 10 to 15 y/o Chinese students about Australian Culture and History at Additour.

الاهتمامات: Travel
*Music (all genres)
*Film and Televison
*The Arts
*Books and reading
*Beach culture
*Australian History

التعليم: International House Sydney - Cambridge Celta Certificate
Open Universities Australia - Bachelor of Arts
Green Skills Institute - Tour Guiding Cert IV
Secta Training Academy - Security Operations
New Enterprise Incentive Scheme - Small Business Management

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Chloe Aus

المهنة: Digital Designer, Farmer

الخبرة التعليمية: I worked for 9 years at a university as an IT specialist, and gained a lot of knowledge about teaching during that time. I have guest lectured several times, and help teach children agricultural education at the local show.

الاهتمامات: animals, design, technology, reading, philosophy, farming, food

التعليم: QUT - Bachelor of Industrial Design;
Griffith Uni - Master of Digital Design;
Deakin Uni - Grad Cert in Human Nutrition.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Karla_ T (Australian)

المهنة: Senior Xero Bookkeeper/ Assistant Accountant

الخبرة التعليمية: I have assisted school aged children with their English reading and homework.

الاهتمامات: Learning languages, keeping fit, cooking, arts and craft, photography

التعليم: Accounting graduate from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الأسبانية (تحدُّث بطلاقة), البرتغالية (محادثة), الأندونيسية (محادثة)

Kate T Australia

المهنة: Physiotherapist and English teacher

الخبرة التعليمية: I have taught English for five years: one in Spain and four in my home town of Melbourne, Australia. Before teaching English, I worked as a physiotherapist for seven years.

الاهتمامات: I love travelling and learning languages. I speak Spanish well and am learning Portuguese. I also love playing sports - tennis, squash, dodgeball, beach volleyball

التعليم: Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University
CELTA at RMIT University
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the University of Melbourne

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الأسبانية (محادثة), البرتغالية (أساسي)

Joseph A

المهنة: High school english language teacher from AUSTRALIA

الخبرة التعليمية: I am, currently an English high school teacher.I have had many years of teaching English as a second language, to all ages .I am also, an online English language teacher of all ages.

الاهتمامات: watching movies, music, videos, travelling, cooking ,camping, out door activities, and fishing.MY passion football, (soccer)

التعليم: My education, was entirely in Australia. After finishing high school. I commenced my 4 year course in mechanical engineering. After which, i completed my teaching certificates .

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Sam My

المهنة: English Teacher

الخبرة التعليمية: I have over three years of experience teaching English to both Children and Adults.

- IELTS Speaking Preparation
- Conversational English
- Travel English
- English for Studying Abroad
- Pronunciation and Accent Reduction
- Reading Practice

If you have any questions or need help in a different area, please send me a message.

الاهتمامات: I enjoy travelling and learning new languages. I would love to learn some words in your language!

I like talking about Travelling, Photography, Art, Reading, Politics, Gaming, Anime, Movies and Food.

التعليم: TEFL Certificate

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الأندونيسية (تحدُّث بطلاقة), لغة الملايو (محادثة)

Robert Melville-Jones

المهنة: School Teacher from Australia

الخبرة التعليمية: 16 years experience teaching English to students of all ages and many different nationalities.

الاهتمامات: - Aviculture
- Dancesport

التعليم: Newcastle University Australia graduate BA English

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم)

Anita RF

المهنة: TEFL Certified English Tutor with business management experience

الخبرة التعليمية: I specialize in Business English, conversation coaching and IELTS preparation. I love working with my students to improve their confidence using English. I have years of business experience in projects, management, procurement and IT and can help with industry specific language in those industries. I look forward to meeting you soon.

الاهتمامات: I love travel, culture, food, books, technology and the spending time outdoors.

التعليم: TEFL Certification, Masters of Business Administration

لغات التحدث: الانجليزية (اللغة الأم), الأسبانية (محادثة)