Ayman L

Profession: Certified TEFL Instructor and Consultant

Teaching Experience: Worked as a freelance ESL tutor for two years while living abroad in Egypt.

Interests: A strong passion for language in general, and love to teach it. I love to travel and meet people from different places. I like reading and listening to scholarly lectures in my free time.

Education: Currently a student at Trident University International and seeking a BS in computer science. Certified ESL teacher by Bridge TEFL.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Conversational)

Andy M1

Profession: Content Coordinator at a legal aid nonprofit

Teaching Experience: Taught content-based and conversational English in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Taught public health and beginner's English in Morocco and Egypt.

Interests: Japanese anime and manga, Korean and Turkish dramas, drawing

Education: Graduated in 2016 from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Telecommunications, and a minor in Latin American Studies.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Gregory Long

Profession: ESL Instructor, Counselor, Student

Teaching Experience: 6

Interests: Hadith - Arabic - Cooking - Herbs

Education: BA - Management - Delaware State University

Spoken Languages: Arabic (Fluent), English (Native)

Dana Dreams

Profession: Tutor

Teaching Experience: English tutor in Casablanca, Fes, and Tangier Morocco

Interests: I love to travel, meet people, and learn about their culture and languages. I also love bollywood films, cooking, and visiting the beach.

Education: I studied culture studies and language at Drew University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Conversational)

James Jordan

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been an English teacher for the last six years. I have taught students in primary and secondary schools, and in many NGOs. I had the chance to travel and work in many countries in North and South America, and Asia. I am a fun and easy-going teacher who speaks five languages fluently (English, French,Spanish, Arabic, and Thai). I have many stories and adventures from all around the world to share with my students while we learn English together.

Interests: travel, adventure, learning about languages and cultures, philosophy, sciences, sports, TV series.

Education: University of Southern California (USC).
Bachelor degree in Human Performance and Exercise Science.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Fluent), French (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Thai (Fluent)

Danna L1

Profession: ESL & English Teacher for 13 years

Teaching Experience: ***Experience Teaching:
Young Ladies (13+) and WOMEN!

Practice English with a Native! I have 13+ years of TEACHING experience.

Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, baking, and going on outdoor adventures with my family.

Education: - Master's degree in TESOL
- Bachelor's degree in English Language & Education
- TESOL Certificate
- Early Childhood Education Certification
- Home-Based Educator Certification

My recommendations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c3CnieO0G2Yl64MO9N_wVuXIHyS-9q2dFSR6RpRb1LE/edit?usp=sharing

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Conversational)

Teacher Yas

Profession: English Language Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught English as a foreign/second language for over 12 years. I have taught both in the classroom and 1-on-1. I have taught English to all levels, from beginners, to IELTs, to business English and much more... **PLEASE NOTE - on Cambly, I can do some IELTS practice, but I do NOT teach IELTS lessons on Cambly specifically.

Interests: I have many interests that I can't list them all here. I can talk about current affairs, technology, business, politics and more... I enjoy watching (and playing) football. I also play a sport called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Education: I studied in London England. I have a CELTA from Cambridge university and a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and English language teaching. I have also studied cognitive science which is a subject about the brain and it's connection to human behaviour.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Conversational)

Marsha J

Profession: ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching since 1986. My experience includes teaching ESL to children and adults. I've taught IELTS preparation classes.
I would like to work with women and children only.

Interests: Traveling, cooking, eating, martial arts

Education: I have a Master's degree in Education (TESOL & Reading/Writing/Literacy) from the University of Pennsylvania, one of America's best universities.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Conversational), Arabic (Conversational)


Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught in the USA, Brazil, and Lebanon for over 10+ years for all ages.

Interests: Soccer, learning a new language, teaching, swimming, and traveling.

Education: Biology, chemistry, and education.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Arabic (Fluent), Portuguese (Fluent), French (Conversational), Spanish (Fluent)

Evette W

Profession: English tutor.

Teaching Experience: I have over three years of teaching English to foreign learners in non-professional settings and one year in a professional setting.

Interests: My interests include travelling, reading, writing, cooking, and watching movies.

Education: I obtained my TEFL Certificate from the International TEFL Academy in Chicago, IL. I am in the process of obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Education.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic), Hausa (Conversational), Arabic (Conversational)