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Yahzdi T

Meslek: I retired from IBM in 2005

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: I was 19 when I first taught Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Systems while in the Air Force. I am a teacher by disposition; it is what I most enjoy doing. While with IBM I spent nearly a decade teaching Mainframe computer topics in a classroom environment. In my Faith Community I have been a speaker and trainer for a wide variety of topics for nearly 50 years. Recently I was a Drivers Education Instructor for a local driver training company; I did that for 2 years part time.

İlgi Alanları: My current passions are listening to music, cooking, recording sacred texts and serving others. My interests, in general, are wide ranging. I have explored and participated in woodworking, fly fishing, film making, recording voice for projects for friends, conducting Race Unity Workshops, boat-building, sailing, boating in general, horseback riding, etc...

Eğitim: I went to high school and college in the Los Angeles area. I have no degrees, but studied early childhood education, photography, film making and other topics as I felt the need to learn them. I am a life long learner and think of myself as a student in the school of life.

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