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Wyatt Duino

Профессия: Economic Speculator

Опыт преподавания: Experience 1] Personal Trainer - Effectively and succinctly improved Customer performance metrics [in exercises completed each hour] through proper analysis of key exercise-technique based mistakes, and accompanying feedback designed to improve their performance. Ensured ample time for completion of daily exercises and physical stretching at the end of each session [ being conscious of: Customer exhaustion levels, exercise success criterion met each exercise.]

Интересы: Business
World News
Science and Tech
Language and Culture
Musical Studies [classical instruments]
Fitness and Health

Образование: TESOL - [in progress] - Arizona State University
University of Arizona - Biochemistry and Advanced English Composition.
De-Anza College - General Studies [ With a completed course in Critical Thinking].
Franklin High School [ Elk Grove ] - Graduated at the top ten-percent of my graduating class.
Coursera [ MOOC - provider] -Advanced Negotiations.

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

Профильное видео: