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Trevor Fowler

Профессия: ESL Teacher, Musician, Professional Writer, Professional Composer, Professional Voice Actor.

Опыт преподавания: Key Competencies:
• Strong writing and editing, presentation and teaching skills
• Proficient in Kinesics.
• Ability to develop rapport with people of all cultures and ages.

Writing Skills
• Currently writing a novel on the journey of LDR's (Long Distance Relationships.
• Addressed student concerns and inquiries via e-mail help desk.
• Wrote and edited a syllabus for an English class at an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico.
• Edited and contributed to teaching materials for various schools in Tecate, Mexico.

Leadership Skills
• Served as a role model for the boys of an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico, who's parents left them with no one to give them guidance at the orphanage in 2014.
• Coached little league baseball and football teams in Arizona from 2008-2010.
• Designed and taught English to less fortunate students at an orphanage in Mexico in 2014.

Organizational Skills
• Used computer skills including Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and to aid in systematic and creative lesson planning.
• Developed and maintained specific files for each student I had in order to accurately remember each one's strengths and weaknesses.
• Met and exceeded daily, weekly, and monthly deadlines for reviews, test writing, and student records in various teaching positions.
Interpersonal Skills
• Motivated hundreds of students to become excited about learning English in Mexico.
• Developed active listening skills during 5 years of teaching ESL in paid and volunteer

• Maintained a kind and caring heart and an understanding mind in every aspect of my teaching career.
• Participated in teaching English to students through the use of music sessions.

• HelloKid ESL Teacher 2016-present
• ESL Teacher for Orphan to Child of God Program (Volunteer) 2015-2016
• ESL Teacher for Bosco Orphanage in Mexico (Volunteer) 2014-2015
• Rock Kids Care (Volunteer) 2013-2014

Интересы: Movies, Music, Soundtracks from Movies. Cartoons, Games. Reading, Anime. There is so much more, so ask. :-)

Образование: • TEFL Certificate, myTEFL.com, online 2017
• Impact 195 School of Ministry, San Diego, CA
• Arizona Families for Home Education, Peoria, AZ

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)