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Thomas Husted

Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: 8 years of experience teaching English in Thailand to all grade levels primary, secondary, university and private adult students.

Interests: I have been doing yoga, meditating and involved in natural, holistic healing and health for over 30 years so I have a big interest and knowledge in this area. Especially in what is termed mindfulness in everyday life. I also have a big interest and knowledge in metaphysics and the connections between the body, mind and internal energies, or chi. I also have a strong interest in business and marketing, as I have marketed and sold health and nutritional products in the past in the USA. I also have an interest in sustainable green technology and a way of living and doing business that is sustainable for the environment as I have strong interest and connection with nature. I also have a strong interest in sport and fitness as when I was younger I was a top wrestler competing in and winning championships on a state, national and international level. For more information on this and some YouTube videos just google Tom Husted wrestling. In addition for the past 40 years I have traveled extensively around the world so I have a big interest in travel and in other cultures. As I have spent time with people of all cultures, races and religions. I also have an interest in and collect sacred art work from my travels around the world, especially from Asia. I also have interest and knowledge about the history and the mysterious of ancient, advanced civilizations and cultures. And last but not least I have a strong interest in music especially music and sounds, both ancient and modern, used for healing and the expansion of ones consciousness.

Education: Degree in economics and psychology from Lehigh University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

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