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Sheila Ann

Опыт преподавания: I speak Standard American English with no observable accent. I am diligent with regards to pronunciation, proper syntax, and grammar. I have extensive experience teaching at all levels, ages, one to one, small groups, and large classes. I create new curriculum to meet the needs of my students as needed. Five years teaching ESL/ L2 English. Improve written communication and speaking clarity, and auditory comprehension skills with my help.

Интересы: I have been an avid traveler my entire life: walking, hiking, motorbiking, driving, cruising, and flying. Early, I explored North America (Canada, Mexico, and most of the 50 States in the USA) but in the past 5 years I have gone international spending extensive time in Asia (China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam). I have an educators mind with a philanthropic heart. I take care of my elder mother, gardening, and growing chickens together.

Образование: Bachelors of Science ( biology, chemistry, psychology )
Medicine, Mental Health, Research, Environment
University Of Washington, Seattle USA

Masters Degree - Psychology
Law, Non-profit, Writing and Journalism, Mental Health
Antioch University, Seattle USA

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка), китайский (Базовый уровень), кхмерский (Базовый уровень)

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