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Rebecca L.

Profissão: Mobile Application Developer

Experiência de ensino: I began tutoring by volunteering in classrooms at the elementary school that my daughter attends. I really enjoyed working with students. Therefore, while I was working for my bachelors and masters degrees, I began tutoring the students in my program.

Interesses: I am a huge fan of movies, and I am always looking for new films to watch and discuss.
Video games are another huge hobby of mine, and I play all kinds, including MMORPGs, Firs Person Shooters, RPGS, Sims,and many more! The classics are also a favorite of ine, and I still love my RogueLikes andZelda!

I enjoy READING and WRITING and spend much of my leisure time doing one or the other.

I am very interested in history and culture, and love to meet new people and exchange information!

Educação: I graduated in August, 2015 with my Master's Degree in Information Systems and Security. In addition, I took all three Master level certification courses in Business Intelligence, Incident Response, and Project Management.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)