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Lynette Rorke

Профессия: Personal Assistant - Civil Engineering Environment

Опыт преподавания: ABET - Teaching English to adults with no formal education
Grade 1 learners (Part time)
Teaching English to Young adult learners from Korea
Computer studies to disadvantaged communities (part time)

Интересы: I am a fun loving person and love people. I love the outdoors and nature, so gardening is my favourite part time hobby and helps me to keep calm, and able to connect with my spirituality.
I also love doing arts and crafts eg, mosiac, decoupage, beadwork and making jewellery, reading, listening to music. Because i love to be surrounded by beauty i am always researching new crafts to make.
Learning to cook difference kinds of food is also very interesting.

Образование: Matric
Diploma Adult Basic Education and Training
Part Studies - BEd
Part Studies - BA Communication Science
SAICE Accredited
Certificate TEFL (120 hours)
Computer Studies

Владение языками: английский (Свободное владение)

Профильное видео: