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Liz Paws

전문 분야: Office administration and bookkeeping. Running businesses and assisting in business development. 5 years experience in the hospitality and tourism industry through my own high end bed & breakfast.

강사 경력: Teaching business administration and bookkeeping to small business owners on software programs such as MYOB, Microsoft Word, Excel etc. Troubleshooting mismanaged small businesses who have developed cash flow problems. Involves some marketing suggestions, skills and implementation.

관심 분야: I like people and I enjoy speaking with people. The area below where it asks my teaching style doesn't allow me to tick all three boxes. I'm extremely adaptive and I can utilise all three methods of teaching. I chose fun and gregarious, as that is most likely the way to get to know someone. However, depending upon an individual's needs, sometimes they may need patient and methodical instruction. The more senses used to teach or show someone how to do something improves their retention speed.

I read a great deal. Since 2007 I have only purchased ebooks and currently have over 6000 in my library.

Currently importing, distributing and setting up a reseller network in Malaysia for robotic swimming pool cleaners. I am designing the 'How To' instruction manuals to include translations into Bahasa, Mandarin and English.
Assisting in troubleshooting problems people are having with their swimming pools. (Jointly with my husband and a local Malaysian partner)

My husband is a helicopter pilot so I'm also very interested in aviation topics; particularly those dealing with the Oil and Gas Industry and also Search and Rescue/Air Ambulance issues.

I have been running a high-end bed & breakfast through AirBnB for 4 years. This has allowed me to speak at length with people on holiday who English is a second language. The demographic would be equally European and Chinese where English is not their native language. Below are links to my listings so you can see the reviews I have received..... including the one star review which hasn't damaged my reputation and all my guests have a snicker when reading.

학력: I finished Year 12 in 1976 and joined the Australian Air Force where I was trained on technical publications management and library services.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)