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Kwan ZV

전문 분야: Brand Ambassador

강사 경력: . I am currently in Vietnam teaching for a school ‘American English Language School’ from ages 3 – 10. I have TEFL certification and have been teaching online for several months with outstanding feedback from my lessons, averaging a 9.67/10 rating from the students. In addition, I have started to volunteer as an ‘English Teacher’ for the organisation ‘L4PY’, teaching disadvantaged young adults and youths. Volunteering at L4PY has given me increased confidence in my teaching abilities, I have full autonomy on the curriculum and lesson plans which provides first-hand experience at teaching.
I am a full native English (British) speaker and have been in the British education system my entire life.

관심 분야: I'm a keen reader of non fiction books which are mostly for personal development and learning. I like to learn about politics, technology, world news etc.

I'm an avid gamer - I love to play a variety of games - multiplayer, single player, adventure etc.

I'm a fan of major TV series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger things. In addition, I am an Anime fanatic watching new and old series.

I play amateur football (soccer) several times a week and love to watch football.

학력: Law LLB

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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