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Julie Fox

전문 분야: Receptionist in a medical clinic/massage therapist

강사 경력: I have been a teachers aid in the elementary setting for over 10 years. I use to teach a music program called Kindermusic. I taught baton twirling in my early 20's.

관심 분야: Reading, education, medical stuff, alternative medicine, organic eating, cats or any animals, quilting, being outdoors, gardening, writing children's books, crocheting, vitamins, aromatherapy, wine, chocolate, movies, massage, meditating, yoga, swimming, music: lots of different genres, and having a good time!

학력: I graduated from high school and basically took classes here and there. I have the equivalent of an associates degree. Held a license in Arizona as a massage therapist and am currently working on getting licensed in Iowa. I've taken a lot of medical classes, and learned the Spalding method for when I was an aide for a traditional school in Arizona. I've also worked with special needs.

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