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Julie A Buckingham

Профессия: English Language Tutor

Опыт преподавания: For many years, I have been working one-to-one teaching adults in the community. I am a qualified TEFL tutor and have been teaching students from many parts of the world on Cambly now for almost 2 years. I teach intermediate level students and have coached students for the IELTS examination, preparing for job interviews, increasing their confidence and vocabulary and I have worked with students from many countries and cultures.

Интересы: I enjoy exploring the English countryside with my dog Max who is 15 years old and our new puppy Bandit who is learning to be brave outside. I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old Grand Daughter, Ivy - she loves drawing pictures for us but most of all, she loves baking cakes and cookies. I always enjoy learning and reading too and probably spend too much money on buying books

Образование: I am a native English speaker and qualified TEFL tutor. I have a Foundation Degree in Managing Charities and counselling and mediation qualifications. I am qualified to teach students studying for the ELTS examination and have over 18 months experience with this subject. I am also learning conversational Polish in my spare time, so I know how challenging it is for my students!

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

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