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John D 524

Profession: Serial Entrepreneur; Strategic and Operations Management

Expérience d'enseignement: I have professional experience working as an Academic Advisor, Teaching Assistant, Study Hall Coordinator, and Tutor for a major University. I worked primarily with student athletes, including a particular focus on verbals and composition.

Non-professionally, I have experience tutoring for standardized tests such as the SAT and GRE, on which I've scored a 1500 and 330, respectively.

While living in Hawaii, I worked for the YMCA coordinating an "A+" program, and after school program helping elementary school-aged students with school work and providing them with other recreationally and culturally enriching activities.

I have a business degree from one of the top business schools in the U.S. Relatedly, I have been formally educated on business communications, and I have significant professional experience in "corporate" environments. If you just want to chat and keep your English polished, great! If you'd like to cover more advanced, technical aspects of the English language, I am available to and capable of handling that as well!

Intérêts: I think I'm a pretty typical guy . . . I like sports - both playing and watching them. (American) Football is my favorite to watch, but basketball is my favorite to play. I've also started watching soccer as it has gotten bigger here in the U.S., but I am not yet a die hard fan. My free time is split pretty evenly between more active hobbies like sports, hiking biking, etc and more laid back things like watching Netflix (send me a message if you have any recommendations or might like one =). Socially, I like to go have a drink or go out to eat at a new restaurant with friends every once in a while.

In terms of topics that interest me, I'm all about broadening my perspective and more deeply understanding . . . everything. I love to learn about other people and other cultures. Usually, I like to do so firsthand, but I think watching Terrace House (basically a Japanese version of MTV's Real World if anyone is familiar) counts, too (half kidding).

I'm a huge fan of anything Texas Longhorns. If they had, say, a hopscotch team, I would watch it all day long.

Other topics on which I am particularly knowledgeable: Entrepreneurship/Startups/Accelerators, Collegiate Academics, Intercollegiate Athletics, great places to visit in Austin, life?

Other topics in which I have a particular interest: watches I could never afford, social experiments with UBI (Universal Basic Income), new technologies of any kind.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, One Punch Man, Interstellar, Primer, The Replacements, Notting Hill, Guardians of the Galaxy (I will literally watch anything).

Favorite Music: This is a tough one for me. American Standards (Frank Sinatra and the like)? 90s Rock? I don't know; I will really listen to anything and mostly listen to whatever the radio puts on.

Favorite Foods: sushi, Thai food, Vietnamese food, those rice plates they have at Halal restaurants here, any sort of desert. (Please recommend me your favorite food or something really good unique to your cuisine, please!)

Éducation: The University of Texas - Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Management and a minor in Sociology.
Southeastern Louisiana University - Master of Sports Management (candidate).

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

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