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Jewelean Spiotta

Professione: English Instructor

Esperienza di insegnamento: My previous job was working for Chungdahm Learning Institute as an English Instructor in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Every day it was imperative that, through my teaching, I provided my students with excellent customer service. Keeping both my students and their parents satisfied with the experience that I provided in my classroom. An additional challenge that I faced was the cultural and social differences of living in a foreign country. This experience provided me with the ability to be flexible and easily adapt to any situation that may arise. As a teacher it is immensely important to be able to express ideas clearly and accurately through both verbal and written forms of communication.
My sophomore year of college I was apart of the Orientation Department as a Welcome Leader Student Coordinator. At the beginning of each school year each freshman is placed into a ‘Welcome Group’ for their first week on campus. Each group has a leader who takes the first year students around the campus and teaches them everything they need to know about life at the university. My job as a Student Coordinator was to teach the Welcome Leaders how to effectively integrate the freshman to college life. For the second session of the semester I met with a group of potential Welcome Leaders and taught them all the skills needed to be a valuable resource for the first year students. This was done through a series of lectures and activities that I facilitated.
Another influential experience was my junior year of college, when I was a Peer Mentor for a First Year Studies (FYS) class. I was partnered with a professor and together we worked with a group of 23 freshmen. Each week we helped them to become acclimated to their first semester of college. This involved leading discussions, group activities, one-on-one meetings, and organizing out-of-class volunteer projects. This role gave me the opportunity to be a resource for the students, and provide them with the necessary tools and advice that could potentially help them overcome many of the challenges students face when adapting to college life.

Interessi: I absolutely love reading books. I recently read "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin and I absolutely loved it! I find astronomy and aerospace to be incredibly fascinating fields of study. I love to travel, so far I've visited: Mexico, Malta, Italy, Korea, Japan, and Australia. It is my dream to visit every country in the world. I enjoy spending my time in nature, going hiking or kayaking. I practice yoga and play the violin.

Istruzione: I attended The University of Tennessee Knoxville and received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua)