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Jesse W G

전문 분야: Student

강사 경력: I voluntarily teach a tree identification program in which students learn tree identification skills. I let the students dictate where the lesson goes by their interests: I'm there for them and to create a positive learning environment.

When I was a supervisor in the United States Air Force, I was responsible for the training of Airmen to become competent electronics technicians. I performed many teaching tasks aimed at enhancing their knowledge of the communications systems.

관심 분야: I enjoy running in the woods with my dog Kylie, and perform calisthenics. I like to read philosophy, science fiction, and novels (currently I’m reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky). I spend a lot of time studying, whether it's linguistics, semiotics, or philosophy. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy a good board game with friends. Regarding music, I enjoy electronic and soundtracks, for example the score in Bladerunner. I was a video production major, and I enjoy discussing many aspects

학력: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. I have a minor in communications and German language. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)