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Jay VJ

Профессия: English Language Tutor, English Teacher, Drummer, Sales Professional. If you looking to have a fun chat & practice conversations CALL ME :-)

Опыт преподавания: I teach and assist with practicing English spoken and written language. Fun exciting ways to learn and teach my students.
I teach and coach sales, learning different techniques and styles and language.
Tonality word expression and language skills.
I also teach drum lessons to kids and adults a like from beginner level to help people achieve and reach their set out goals and dreams.

Интересы: Music - Drums, guitar, bass, piano, singing, bands, genres, styles
Travel - Abroad, overseas UK, England
Movies and Series
Lastest trends
Fashion hairstyles
Colours and counting
Sport - Football, tennis, swimming, table tennis, golf, formula one, racing, motorbikes, motor cars
Countries - South Africa, Australia, America, England, Ireland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Gaming - Ps4, xbox, playstation, pc games, fortnight, pubg, fifa
The interests are endless love doing everything and chatting about anything

Improve, assist, guide, help in all areas and aspects that are required. Pronunciation, reading, questions and general conversation

Friendly, easy going, patient, down to earth Tutor. Willing to help and assist in every way possible. From basic flash cards reading to advanced article reading to discussion and general conversation

Образование: English Tutor
Drum and Music Teacher
Article reading specialist
Sales Coach
My wife is a full time teacher I assist her with extra lessons with kids at home that are struggling in various subjects.
Completed English, Afrikaans, geography, science, maths, history variety of subjects

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка), африкаанс (Свободное владение)

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