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Jake Lu

Profesión: Music Producer & DJ

Experiencia en educación: I taught ESL (English as a Second Language) for 2 years in the Unites States with children aged 10-14. I also spent 6 weeks in India, where I did some English tutoring, and since arriving in Panama, I have been working every Saturday at the YMCA teaching English classes with children aged 7-15. More informally, I have a lot of friends in the USA who are from other countries, and have always enjoyed helping them with their English, particularly with the more colloquial way of speaking. I am also currently in the process of attaining my TEFL certification through a 160 hour course, of which I have completed 25 hours.

Intereses: I know this is probably cliche to say on this website, but I truly do have a passion for languages. I find language history fascinating, and am always very curious about other cultures and languages, and how the two interact. I do music production, meaning I create music (mostly dance music) with a piano and my laptop. I like to run and play sports, mostly basketball. I know that I checked "I am best with [every] level" below, but I truly believe this, without trying to sound cocky. I have a solid knowledge of English grammar and the more complex aspects of the language, but feel that I am also good at speaking with complete beginners. With the latter group, I speak slowly and with clear enunciation, and use simple, literal sentence constructions.

Educación: I went to UNC Chapel Hill and studied Economics, with minors in Chemistry and Asian Studies. My Asian Studies minor really consisted of taking 6 semesters of Hindi-Urdu language courses, and 1 semester of a culture course.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Con fluidez), hindi (Capacidad para conversar)

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