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Gina G

전문 분야: Mentor, Coach, Speaker, and Online Marketing Strategist

강사 경력: For the past 9 years, as a coach and mentor, I've taught entrepreneurs (through my own company) how to successfully grow for profit and non profit businesses that make a difference in the world. I've worked with students through webinars, Skype, teleconferences, and live workshops and courses (in person) as well.

Growing up, my father was President of North American Operations for Omron Electronics (better known in Japan as Omron Tateishi). For over 25+ years, I often helped employees and executives (and their spouses) to improve their English. It was exciting to learn more about them and watch them grow!

From the time I was in the 4th grade until I got into High School, I ran a small pre-school in my backyard every summer. I taught neighborhood children everything from art to science to English.

Then, in the 7th Grade, I was elected as a Senator for the Catholic Association of Student Councils. That meant that for the next 7 years, I would travel around the US teaching leadership to school administrators and principles.

My passion has always been teaching! It doesn't matter what I teach, I simply love helping people grow and expand!

관심 분야: I love anything related to puzzles (jigsaw, logic, crossword, etc.),. I am an avid reader (especially of personal growth books and business/marketing books, articles, and other content). I love watching inspirational movies.

During the fall, I can often be found yelling at the television during a football game.

At night, I love going to the local beaches and picking up seashells.

학력: 1991 - Juris Doctor (JD), Notre Dame Law School (Lead Note Editor, Notre Dame Law Review, 1989-1991)

1988 - Bachelor of Arts, Business & PreLaw, DePaul University's School for New Learning, Chicago, IL

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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