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Gary LM

Meslek: English Professor / Artist / Linguist

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: Cambly- 4th year teaching IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge TKT, Linguistics, ESP (English for Special Purposes) Immigration interviews, Job Interview preparation, Thesis corrections and University Application Statements. ESL Lessons in Conversation, Pronunciation, Reading, Grammar, Writing and Speeches.

3 years, Cambly
10 years, University of Mexico
16 years, K-12 Taiwan
4 years, Private Schools, Indonesia
2 years, Private Schools, Thailand
1 year, Private Kindergarten, Spain

İlgi Alanları: Volunteer- American Red Cross, observed and assisted Anesthesiologist for one summer
Volunteer- Sunshine Band, playing guitar and singing for Senior Citizens, one semester
Volunteer- ESL Teacher, Bandung, Indonesia, one year
Volunteer- Deaf Community, one semester, doing "Story Time" in basic sign language for children
Volunteer- Mobile Blood Pressure Van, one semester, taking Blood Pressure to gather data on city dwellers to use in the Yukon River Quest, see below.
Volunteer- "The Yukon River Quest", comparative studies of Wildnerness Dwellers (above the Arctic Circle) to City Dwellers of Sacramento, California. one semester prep time, one summer doing field work in Alaskan Wilderness among the Athapaskan Indian tribe, one semester gathering data for city dwellers.

"Kapuas River Journey" in Kalimantan, (formerly Borneo) journeyed on a rubber plantation boat up the Kapuas river from Pontianak to Meliau, then by dugout canoe from Meliau to Merangau to visit a Dayak Longhouse, replete with real shrunken heads and warrior gear. These tribesman were cannibals only one generation before.

"Chama River Tracing" Merida, Venezuela. The Río Chama, is one of the main rivers of the state of Mérida in Venezuela. The headwaters of the Chama are the Mifafí high lands, in the Andes Range, near the town of Apartaderos. Its outlet is at Lake Maracaibo. River climbing, river trekking, river tracing or mountain stream climbing is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity, a traditional sport in Japan and popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Have also done River Tracing in the USA and Taiwan.

Neuroscience the Brain (Life long independent study)
Philology - from ancient Greek φιλολογία (philología, “love of reasoning, love of learning and literature”)
Computers: Bought my first personal computer in 1985, 256K, dial up modem, amber monitor, did beta testing for world wide web using AOL. Always upgraded as much as financially possible over the years. Now my favorite is an ASUS icore7, because of the low blue technology which is easier on the eyes.

Traveling: "There is always a part of me that is homesick for the unknown." ...Odysseus, movie quote. Lived in 11 states in the USA and traveled to 23 states,
lived in 6 countries and traveled to 24 countries.

Music- Played Coronet, Baritone and French Horn in Middle school and High school, play guitar now and sing. Enjoy listening to many types of music.
Sports- Gymnastics, Track and Field, Swimming Team, Diving Team, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Handball, Racket-ball, Cross Country, in middle school and High School

Hiking, Swimming and Cycling(still do these)
Exhibiting Art
Publishing Poetry
Bookworm: 5000 books + (Mostly listen to audio-books now)
Foodie: Enjoy talking about food, cooking and baking

Eğitim: Masters in Linguistics - University of New England, on hiatus
Teaching Certificate - MoE Bangkok, Thailand, 2007
Bachelors Degree in Religion, 1985

Certificate: Cambridge TKT, ESOL Examinations, 2013
Certificate: TEFL Teacher Training, 2007
Certificate: TESOL, 1982
Certificate: Lecturer of English, 2012

Online Certificates
Harvard: Justice, enrolled, Audit, to be completed in 2020
Harvard: Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Audit, completed August 2019
Harvard: Masterpieces of World Literature, verified certificate, 2018
University of Queensland: Deep Learning, verified certificate, 2018
Berkeley: The Science of Happiness, verified certificate, 2016

Konuştuğu Diller: İngilizce (Ana dil), Endonezya Dili (Akıcı), İspanyolca (Akıcı), Çince (Temel), Tay Dili (Temel)