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강사 경력: I am a certified teacher from New Brunswick, Canada. I taught English as a Second Language in Busan, South Korea for a year after completing my Psychology degree, and then I decided to get my teaching degree upon returning to Canada. I completed a TESOL program before going to South Korea to teach English.

관심 분야: - Food, cooking, eating (!!)
- Culture, exploring, learning about new culture (I'm currently in Bangkok, Thailand and soon heading to Cambodia! )
- The Arts, culinary or otherwise . . . Fine arts, visual arts, dance
- Politics
- Business, the global economy
- Education
- Travel ! I'm huge on travel. I have lived in and visited many different places all over the world and don't see myself stopping any time soon!
- Yoga, meditation
- Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism
- Philosophy, spirituality, natural medicine
- Interpersonal as well as intrapersonal (with oneself) relationships
- Personality differences, personality tests
- Living healthy, organic foods, exercising
- Psychology, Astronomy, astrology
- Books and films

학력: - I have a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada
- I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada
- I have a Teaching English as a Second Language diploma

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 프랑스어 (유창함), 스페인어 (초중급)