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Evan Tam

Profissão: Language Teacher and Life coach

Experiência de ensino: Started teaching in Argentina from 2009-2011
Moved to Turkey and continued teaching from 2011 to the present
Started internet teaching from 2016.
Have taught all levels and ages.

Interesses: I have traveled all over Europe and South America. I enjoy learning about new culture, languages and the history behind them.

In my free time, I volunteer my time in an international organization. The organisation helps people (1. psychologically - for example overcome depression 2. families and marriages - for example helping families be happy and family communication 3. time management - for example how to set priorities)

What do I enjoy talking about?

1. psychological topics
2. family topics
3. What is happiness?
4. travelling
5. Different cultures & languages
6. good news
7. global events and news
8. History

Please know that I am politically neutral and do not take sides with any politics.

Educação: I went to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon USA. I studied languages.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), espanhol (Fluente), russo (Fluente), francês (Conversação), alemão (Conversação), turco (Fluente), chinês (Básico), usbeque (Básico), português (Básico)