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강사 경력: My English teaching experience began in 2012, when I started private teaching in Japan.
I have also worked at some conversation cafes in Tokyo between 2012 - 2014.
Since 2014 I have joined an English language school, where along with other staff I teach basic and advanced English to adults, and I can comfortably and confidently lead a lesson for a group of 10-40 students. I have been teaching at this school for over a year, and today I continue working there as well as doing one-on-one private lessons.

관심 분야: My interests include traveling, music, interacting with animals.
I love traveling, especially in Asia. I have visited many countries around the world, so I also hope to talk about different cultures and places you have visited as well.
I hope to one day work for the music industry, possibly in promotion, marketing or management.
I have a cat and a pet turtle. I hope you like animals too!

학력: Completed my early education as well as high school education at international schools in Tokyo, Japan.
Currently enrolled in an English-speaking university in Tokyo, Sophia University. I am studying International Business and Economics.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 폴란드어 (원어민), 일본어 (초중급)