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Emily Jane

강사 경력: I do not have any formal teaching experience. However I have learned many different languages including Spanish, Italian, and Korean. I have the ability to keep a conversation going and an interesting background that may be of interest to someone abroad.

관심 분야: I am a health conscious individual and a power yoga enthusiast. In my free time, I enjoy healthy cooking, and surfing the internet. I am an avid instagram user, and love taking photographs. Being from Honolulu, I love going to the beach and being outside!

I have a deep interest in fashion, art, and everything that has to do with hair!

I love music including some genres of EDM, metal, and grunge. I like going to shows and music festivals.

I LOVE animals. Watching cat videos on youtube is a favorite past time of mine. ;)

학력: I am a 23 year old from Honolulu. By way of
background, I graduated from the University of San Francisco with an
environmental studies degree in 2012 and spent the remainder of last
year studying korean in Seoul. I just moved to LA from my home in
Honolulu to pursue a different direction. I have enrolled in the 11
month Vidal Sassoon program in Santa Monica.

가능 언어: 영어 (유창함), 한국어 (초중급)