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Dominic Heslin-Rees

Profissão: Student in Environmental Science

Experiência de ensino: I have recently finished a year of teaching in Madrid. Over the course of my time at The Green Monkey academy in Madrid, I developed lesson plans and carried them out to a high standard. I taught English to a range of ages and abilities in a classroom. I focused primarily on teaching English to students wishing to take either the Cambridge exam or Trinity exam. I also carried out book readings and activity workshops at the local bookshop for promotional purposes. I wanted to encourage my students to utilise their knowledge of English and build up their sense of confidence. I also produced and wrote up monthly student reports after ensuring I was continuously analysing the performance and progress of my students. I had classes with a range of ages including a class of 9-10 year olds, 12-13 year olds, teenagers, university students and adults.

I also have previous experience practising conversational English with adult learners at the Itinere language school in Granada. During my stay in Granada I was able to garner a great deal of experience in trying to adjust my teaching to various abilities and ages. I have also worked as a private language tutor during my Erasmus year in the Netherlands teaching English to two, 8 year old, Dutch children. I found it quite incredible to work with Children, as they exhibited an amazing ability to just soak up the language and I was able to see first hand, over the course of the year, how much they improved.

Interesses: I have a keen interest in environmentalism, current affairs and I'm always up for a little philosophical/political discussion. I also enjoy nature, the outdoors, visiting museums. I like to play football and do a bit of drawing when I have the time.

Educação: Mathematics degree (BSc) from the University of Warwick. Currently taking a Masters in Environmental Science from Stockholm University.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

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