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Dermot Farrell

Профессия: Teacher

Опыт преподавания: I have been teaching spoken English since February 2013. As a native English speaker, living in India, teaching spoken English is something which I fell into. Consequently, I took an off beat approach to teaching English, throwing myself in at the deep end and learning as I went.

At this stage my approach is firmly focused upon a conversational approach to teaching spoken English. Many language institutes try to package English teaching, when the student actually requires individual attention and practice. I feel that spending time interacting with a native English speaker is the best way to gain fluency in English.

I believe myself to be a resource for the student and that the agenda is set by the students needs and expectations and that my role is to support the student while they gain confidence and fluency.

Интересы: I have a wide variety of interests, which include spirituality, motorbikes and bodybuilding, as well as an interest in world in general. Everything from world politics, the world economy, to Hollywood movies, history, science and interesting facts about the universe. I love learning new things and interacting with many different people.

Образование: BA, majoring in psychoanalytical Studies - 1998

Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine - 2005

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)

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