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Crystal SA

Профессия: Private English teacher, ESL lessons to of all ages

Опыт преподавания: Teaching for over 25 years, private one-to-one online lessons, private conversation lessons to groups and one-to-one conversation lessons, private English grammar lessons, creating fun and beneficial English lessons and assisting in teaching English at companies

Интересы: Countries and their cultures, cuisine, travelling, art, history, business, cooking and baking, languages, mountain climbing, world news.

Образование: Completed high school in Johannesburg, South Africa, Completed high diploma at Leggatts Academy of Design. Completed bachelor degree in German at the University of Santa Barbara, USA. Completed studies of various softwares in Zurich, Switzerland.

Владение языками: английский (Свободное владение), немецкий (Разговорный уровень), французский (Базовый уровень), африкаанс (Разговорный уровень)