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Cora Mae Leach

Профессия: Personal Assistant for the elderly and disabled communities

Опыт преподавания: I have taught my kids for the last 25 years. They were enrolled in an alternative education school, that allowed me to play a huge part in their learning. I helped them with homework and really enjoyed volunteering in their classrooms. I have helped teach 45+ international students conversational English, by helping with homework, playing games and visiting with them. We all learn something and that is really fun!

Интересы: I enjoy traveling and sightseeing. I like to try new foods and learn about other cultures. I enjoy playing Uno, and other board games. I love to dance. I am a part of a square dance community. I enjoy dressing up in my petticoats and dresses. Everyone who dances laughs a lot and that is so fun! I enjoy photography and journaling. Going on a road trip with friends or my kids is really fun. We try to go to new places every year and explore. I like to watch movies and work in my garden.

Образование: I went to Hazen Highschool and ran the school store. It was interesting to learn marketing and I enjoyed serving my community donuts and special treats. I studied business and was a part of Future Business Leaders of America and DECA. I am a life long learner, so I am continually reading great books and growing as a person. My interests are in counseling, communication, parenting, budgeting and encouraging others. I have taken a few college classes, but my full time focus has been being a Mom.

Владение языками: английский (Свободное владение)

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