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Chris Bress

Meslek: Full-time ESL teacher

Öğretmenlik Deneyimi: I worked as an English language teacher in Spain for over five months. I taught as tutor, dealing with students one on one, and as a teacher in an English academy, with larger classes of six to fifteen students.
I've taught children as young as four, with a very limited knowledge of English, as well as teenagers and young adults who were quite proficient in the language as well as adults, who just needed to brush up on specific grammar and vocabulary.

İlgi Alanları: I love rock, indie and classical music. I've played the guitar and bass guitar for over 10 years!

I'm a huge sports fan. I particularly enjoy football/soccer and watching my favourite team Manchester United.

I love books, films and TV series in the historical, fantasy and sci-fi genres.

I love dogs! I have a Yorkie called 'Luna' and a terrier named 'Max'.

I really like cooking and trying strange new flavours and dishes!

Eğitim: I completed a level 5 blended TEFL teaching course and achieved a distinction overall for my work and assignments. This was a 168 hour combined course which included a 20 hour in classroom section where I gained experience through various workshops for teaching students, creating engaging lesson plans and adapting to different class groups and situations.

I received a first class Bachelors degree in English and History from the University of Galway in 2016.

Konuştuğu Diller: İngilizce (Ana dil)

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