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Charlotte Thomas

Профессия: Student Recruitment Coordinator and Personal Assistant, Experienced Backpacker

Опыт преподавания: I have no technical teaching experience at this stage, although I am currently doing my TEFL so watch this space!

I have spent the last two and a half years backpacking/living and working in South East Asia, so I have an abundance of experience helping those not of a native tongue improve their English.

I worked in a bar on a small island in Cambodia for a year, where I had 5-7 Khmer staff working depending on the season. It was a pleasure to help them learn to speak English and for some improve their skills, knowing that this would benefit their lives and work options tremendously.

Working and travelling also meant I have spent a lot of time with people from all over the world. For example our Western work team at the bar for at least 3 months consisted of the following: 2x English, 2x Italian, 1x German, 2x Turkish and 1x Finnish. My boyfriend who I met there over 8 months ago now is Turkish, he could read English but spoke none; I am happy and proud to say his English is now at such a good level that he is working as a translator (English to Turkish) for Television dubbing. I would love to help you and others improve you English in that way.

Интересы: I love travelling; learning about the world, different countries and their culture. My passion since I was a child is Art, and from a teenager Photography. My love for good cinematography has stemmed from that, so I love to watch films. I also watch a wide range of TV shows from documentaries (BBC in particular) to some more secret addictions like Pretty Little Liars.
I love food, cooking and eating it. I am a vegetarian so I love experimenting with new recipes. I also love to be by the water, so put me next to a river or the sea and I will be smiling.

Образование: I studied my GCSEs at a private school in Southampton; I achieved 10 grades A*-C, with A* and A in English Literature and English Language.
I studied my A Levels at a college in Winchester, gaining A-B grades in English Literature, English Language, Art and Film Studies.
I took a year out where I worked, saved and then travelled China for a month, before going to a University in Portsmouth. There I completed a one year Fine Art foundation course, leaving with a distinction.
I am currently in the process of doing my TEFL.

Владение языками: английский (Носитель языка)