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Blaise Columba

전문 분야: Work history includes acting, radio commercials, tutoring, marketing

강사 경력: I have worked with international students in college level public speaking. I have also taught acting to beginning students. Having both of these areas are important to your success in learning English because I will be able to coach you in the fundamentals of the language, in addition to the delivery, expressiveness, authority, ease, and charisma that acting teaches us. I am here to be your tutor, your guide, your coach, and a champion of your growth as a citizen of the world and human being!

관심 분야: My primary interest is in your success, no matter what your English speaking level. But in addition to that, we can enjoy fun and terrific conversations about film, television, music, current events, spirituality, business, marketing, branding, technology, philosophy, health, fitness, presentations, writing, blogging. This may not be a complete list so contact me if you would like to propose other topics and want to know if I have the knowledge base to discuss them with you.

학력: As my previous answers would suggest, my education has included both traditional and non-traditional environments. My traditional education has included college with classwork in advanced/honors studies that have included English, literature, and logic; all key skills in tutoring English. My non-traditional education has included studying acting and singing with world-class teachers. Perhaps my greatest education has been learned through life, self-reflection, and the guidance of mentors/elders.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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