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Bill Robinson

전문 분야: Self-Employed Business Agency Owner/ Global Marketer/Entrepreneur/ Teacher/ Artist /Composer/ Lyricist

강사 경력: I have taught, mainly music and English for the past 22 years now. I've always been patient when it comes to helping people understand and achieve their goals. I strongly believe that Patience and Repetition is the key to learning almost anything.

관심 분야: I'm really interested in a lot of things. Everything now a days seems to be catching my eye. With all this new technology coming out. There's just so much to learn about. That is, almost anything you ever wanted to learn or know about. Is just about on your finger tips. I like learning about new things that are happening in the world. On that same note. I also enjoy everything from science to music then off to history. I could talk about sports, cars, science, history, video games, movies, books, places I'v been or always wanted to go, music, self healing and much much more...I love all these interest and more. I am pretty open to anything.. because it might give me a chance to learn something new too.

학력: I went to school in Texas at UTEP University. I went there to achieve a major in music and
Music Theory. I also earned my Bachelor's and Associates degree in Business. It is also where and when I started to teach other students. Not knowing, that I would end up falling in love with teaching others music. Or even the thought that I would still be doing it after 22 years. But here I am and I'm still happy teaching anybody anything that I am able to help them with. If I Can... I Will..

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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