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Anita G

Professione: Spanish/English Interpreter

Esperienza di insegnamento: I taught English to 4 and 5th graders here in Mexico. And not much else in the way of teaching, besides something similar to this, which was conversing with people so they could practice English. I work now as an interpreter, translator, and proofreader. So I love working with languages.
I can help you develop your speaking skills. Working with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I can adapt to your lesson plans or I can send you some of my own if that's what you prefer, or just simple conversation and helping you practice by correcting your mistakes, explaining the meaning of certain words, etc. My goal is to not only expand your vocabulary, but help you use the correct vocabulary for your particular situation.
I know so many students who want to expand their vocabulary so much in such a short amount of time to include words and phrases that they'll most likely never use in a real-life setting or conversation.
I can also help you with reading, writing and listening skills. Pretty much whatever you're up for, I'm glad to help.
As a side note; I do prefer that you not make reservations with me simply because my schedule changes a lot and I feel terribly rude canceling on anyone. But of course call me anytime I'm on and available, I'd love to speak with you.

Interessi: Interests are varied. Anything involving music, movies, television, I love different cultures, learning about them, learning the differences in what makes us what we are as a whole and as individuals. I love reading on rainy sunday afternoons with a glass of Malbec. I'm originally from Argentina, so food is obviously one of my greatest passions. Mmm I love photography, sports, working out, stand-up comedy, travel.

Istruzione: Highest level of education is High School. I never went to college because I moved a lot from one country to another because of my parents' work. And I would honestly not change that for the world.
I do want to let you know though, that although I am glad to teach you all I know, I never trained to teach the TOEFL, IELTS, or any of those similar tests. So if you have very specific questions about those tests I would advise you to get a more experienced teacher.
Not to sell myself short, but I strongly believe in honesty and I would not want to waste your time.

Lingue parlate: inglese (Madrelingua)

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