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Angelica M B

전문 분야: Teacher

강사 경력: Music Teacher-
3 years Public school, 8 years Private school, 18 years Independent Private Lessons.

관심 분야: I love the arts! I am a concert violinist. I play most instruments, and I am a jazz singer. I love to sing old jazz standards. I love to listen to most music, and I love to dance. My hobbies include; reading and research- I love to learn, gardening, knitting, quilting, exercising. I'm a story teller, a fan of parkour, and I'm every animals best friend. I have 15 pets- all but 1 are rescued. I'm an activist for the environment. I am an advocate for saving the bees. I fear sink-holes, porta potties, and unsaid words before people pass.

학력: New Mexico State University
BA in Music Education;

ISOM- International School of Ministry/ 1 year

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 스페인어 (초중급), 프랑스어 (기초 수준)

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