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Allyson T

전문 분야: Currently I am a stay at home mother- but have been a small bussines owner for Hair solutions for women with Alopecia and cancer.

강사 경력: I have had teaching experience with youth groups for development programs where they are learning leadership, self development, and service. I enjoyed being a small business owner- teaching women with Alopecia and cancer how to find hair adaptive aoptions and how to wear them. I currently teach women on self imporvement, service, leadership, and parenting. I have spoken on many occasions to large groups, anywhere from 50-300 poeple. I always enjoy these opportunities.

관심 분야: Music- I play the piano, gardening, teaching, speaking, reading, cooking, four wheeling, fishing, learning from teachers, podcasts, classes, etc., and being a wife and mother.

학력: I have had two years of college. I started out working towards a BSA in nursing, but ended up declaring a major in Communications- which I really enjoyed. I had to take a leave from college to have treatment for Leaukemia. I got healthy, and then I had a family. I hope to go back to school this year.

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